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  1. Apart from water, what runs through the mouth of the River Amazon and Lake Victoria?
  2. Which country had the world's tallest habitable building as at 2006?
  3. Which country was previously called Abyssinia?
  4. In which country is the Blarney Stone?
  5. What is the world's third largest sea?
  6. The largest policeman's beat (territory) in Europe is in which country?
  7. The cities of Cairo in Egypt and Fez in Morroco are generally accepted to have the world's oldest of what type of institution?
  8. Where would you find the Queen Alexandra, Queen Elizabeth and Queen Maud mountain ranges?
  9. The tenge is the basic monetary unit of which country?
  10. Which country at the southern tip of the Arabian Peninsula was previously known as Aden?
  11. What language do the locals speak in Bogota?
  12. What's the most southerly city; Toronto, Seattle, Budapest or Bordeaux?
  13. LAR is the international vehicle registration of which country?
  14. Where are the North Yolla Bolly mountains?
  15. In which South American country is the Atacama desert?
  16. What is the capital of Qatar?
  17. Where can you find the first iron bridge ever built?
  18. Which is the least populated state in the USA?
  19. What and when is the biggest national celebration every year in Australia?
  20. Which country has the internet domain .me?
  21. What Central American country's name means 'many fish'?
  22. Which capital city has the highest population (as at 2006)?
  23. What is the largest country in the world?
  24. Who renamed the South Sea as the Pacific Ocean in 1520?
  25. What notable geographical feature is shared by Oxford, Reading, Windsor and London?


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