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The answer to question 2 was corrected - 16 Mar 2007. Question 31 was clarified - 28 Aug 2008.

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quizballs 26 - free quiz questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes

  1. Which US state has the longest shoreline?
  2. How many children did Winston Churchill (British Prime Minister) have?
  3. Who was the first cricketer in history to take 300 test match wickets?
  4. What type of creature is an albacore?
  5. Which UK newspaper was founded in September 1964?
  6. Which is the hottest planet in our solar system (based on generally accepted average surface temperatures)?
  7. What is the capital of the Philippines?
  8. A Macfarlane is what type of clothing item?
  9. Who was the first Hanover King of England?
  10. From which country does the drink Kvass originate?
  11. What IBM (the IT systems company) stand for?
  12. What is the plant saintpaulia commonly known as?
  13. What part of the body does Keratitis affect?
  14. Lacustrine is a technical term relating to what?
  15. What are Latter Day Saints otherwise known as?
  16. What rank in the Royal Navy is above Able Seaman and below Petty Officer?
  17. What is a puppet worked by strings called?
  18. Where is the deepest lake in the world?
  19. The natterjack toad has what colour stripe down its back?
  20. How many wheels did a hansom cab have?
  21. Who discovered Victoria Falls in 1855?
  22. The US Labour Day falls in which month?
  23. During World War II, forged paintings by which artist were produced by Jan Van Meegeren?
  24. Anosmia is the technical term for the loss of which sense?
  25. Jargonelle, Seckel and Winter Nelis are types of which fruit?
  26. In which country was fashion designer Helmut Lang born?
  27. What country has the international car registration EAK?
  28. How many strings does a balalaika typically have?
  29. A carat (gemstone measurement) is the equivalent of how many milligrams?
  30. Beriberi is a disease said to be caused by the deficiency of which vitamin?
  31. The production of what poisonous substance can be caused by eating raw cassava?
  32. Lord Raglan was a commander in which war? Crimean
  33. Who was the Greek goddess of divine punishment?
  34. Which Frank Dickens cartoon appears in the London Evening Standard (as at 2006)?
  35. What is the collective name for a group of finches?
  36. Astraphobia is a fear of what?
  37. What star sign are people born on 25 August?
  38. In which year was the Battle of Stamford Bridge?
  39. Which fragrance was first made for Russian Count Orloff in 1768?
  40. Developed in Germany during World War II what is tabun?
  41. Which country was previously called Mesopotamia?
  42. The pub name The White Hart is named after which king's heraldic symbol?
  43. How many presidents' faces are sculpted on Mount Rushmore?
  44. How many sides does a mansard roof have?
  45. Black velvet is a mixture of stout and which other alcoholic drink?
  46. What is the title name of the Usher to the House of Lords?
  47. Which country suffered the greatest civilian losses in World War II?
  48. Which element has the highest melting point?
  49. Who founded the Boys Brigade in 1883?
  50. Marble is a form of which type of rock?


quizballs 26 - free quiz answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


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