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quizballs 259 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. The base of Pimm's No1 Cup liqueur is: Vodka; Gin; Brandy; or Rum?
  2. Pales, Fesses, Canton, and Saltire are types of designs of what?
  3. Carborundum and Corundum are compounds/minerals traditionally used in: Cooking; Abrasives; Fuels; or Beekeeping?
  4. Langlauf (literally 'long-term' in German) refers to an endurance form of which sport?
  5. Pavilion, girdle, table, and culet are aspects of a what?
  6. What is the traditional trade surname for a person who made or sold (typically knitted) legwear and socks?
  7. When joining two pieces of any given metal, put these methods in order of highest to lowest temperature: Soldering - Brazing - Welding?
  8. Quark, clabber, twaróg, and viili are international variations of a food made from: Milk; Honey; Cabbage; or Lentils?
  9. The musical notation symbols for the treble and bass clefs represent respectively which two letters?
  10. What term for a structure in maths, science and human organization is from Latin 'breeding woman'?
  11. What creature features in the coat of arms of Iraq: Lion; Dragon; Horse; or Eagle?
  12. The beef cut called brisket comes from where on the animal: Back; Chest; Leg; or Neck?
  13. What technical process term refers in food preparation to the softening of solids by soaking, and in organic waste handling to the chopping of solids in liquids to form a slurry?
  14. The verb word stymie, meaning to obstruct something, originally referred to a now obsolete rule in which sport?
  15. What popular tourist destination was reported in 2008 to have the most high-rise buildings per capita: New York City; Hong Kong; London; or Benidorm?
  16. Which famous current Nestlé confectionery brandname, established 1936, was named after J M Barrie's popular London stage comedy, originally unsuccessfully launched on Broadway in 1901?
  17. In 1908 psychologist Alfred Adler cited which leader in proposing an inferiority complex in short people, which became known as the ('What leader?) Syndrome'?
  18. What is the South African style of dried meat named originally in Dutch meaning 'rump strip'?
  19. Cadence in music and language technically and originally referred to rhythmic or tonal effect associated with a: Surprise; Beginning; End; or Silence?
  20. Nephrite, Ca2(Mg, Fe)5Si8O22(OH)2, is one of two minerals more commonly known as what anciently treasured green gemstone, and once considered China's 'imperial gem'?


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