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quizballs 254 - general knowledge quiz - questions without answers

free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers - for pub quizzes, pub games, team games, learning and fun

This is a Businessballs Quizballs quiz. Quizballs are free quiz questions and answers for trivia quizzes, team games, pub quizzes, general knowledge, learning and amusement. Use the quiz and questions and answers to suit your purposes, either as a stand-alone quiz, or to cut and paste to make your own quizzes.

Quizballs accepts no liability for any arguments, lost bets, or otherwise unfortunate consequences arising from any errors contained in these quizzes although quite a lot of effort is made to ensure that questions are clear and answers are correct. Please notify us of any errors, or questions or answers requiring clarification.

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These are the quiz questions. Here are the quiz answers with the questions. A link to the quiz answers also follows the questions below.

Spelling note: Some UK-English and US-English spellings may vary, notably words ending in our/or, and ise/ize. Where appropriate please change the spellings to suit your local situation.

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quizballs 254 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. What tool has the varieties including: round nose, chain nose, flat, and ring?
  2. What is the common name for the northern hemisphere tree genus Betula, having catkins, winged nuts, and bark that peels in strips?
  3. Which female agricultural trade enabled Edward Jenner to devise his smallpox vaccine in 1796?
  4. What capital city lies at the coordinates 53 20N 6 15W?
  5. Name the prehistoric 'humanoid species' found near Lewes UK 1912 and shown to be a hoax in 1953?
  6. What South Honshu city in Japan, associated with international climate change agreement, was its nation's capital 794-1192?
  7. The advanced 'maglev' vehicle propulsion technology takes its portmanteau name from which two key features?
  8. What 'Age' is considered to have occurred around the world between 3600-300BC: Stone; Bronze; Iron; or Middle?
  9. What common chemical compound type, including many natural fats and essential oils, results from replacing the hydrogen of an acid by an alkyl or other organic group: Ester; Mineral; Solvent; or Plasma?
  10. Kingda Ka, Takabisha, X2, Steel Dragon 2000, and Millennium Force are famous what?
  11. The US city of Memphis, Tennessee, was named after the ancient (c.3000BC) Memphis city capital of which nation?
  12. What original 1960s surfer's slang expression of thrill or delight was popularized by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles children's cartoon?
  13. A drumlin is a: Musical instrument; Spoonbowl-shaped hill; Vegetable; or Drilling machine?
  14. Atoms of the same elements with the same number of protons and electrons, but different numbers of neutrons, are called what?
  15. The Arab food falafal is commonly made from: Chickpeas; Lamb; Aubergine; or Cheese?
  16. Whose book reportedly kept eleven translators in high-security for two months before global publication in 2013?
  17. Which famous English brewer of ale, established in 1787 next to London's Tower Bridge, has a cockerel as its emblem?
  18. What cooking metaphor refers to a low quality novel?
  19. Which children's TV animated character, named 'Pollux' in the original French version, is based on a 'drop-eared Skye terrier'?
  20. Which word, broadly synonymous with 'typeface', derives from French 'to melt'?


quizballs 254 - free quiz answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


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