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quizballs 249 - general knowledge quiz - questions without answers

free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers - for pub quizzes, pub games, team games, learning and fun

This is a Businessballs Quizballs quiz. Quizballs are free quiz questions and answers for trivia quizzes, team games, pub quizzes, general knowledge, learning and amusement. Use the quiz and questions and answers to suit your purposes, either as a stand-alone quiz, or to cut and paste to make your own quizzes.

Quizballs accepts no liability for any arguments, lost bets, or otherwise unfortunate consequences arising from any errors contained in these quizzes although quite a lot of effort is made to ensure that questions are clear and answers are correct. Please notify us of any errors, or questions or answers requiring clarification.

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These are the quiz questions. Here are the quiz answers with the questions. A link to the quiz answers also follows the questions below.

Spelling note: Some UK-English and US-English spellings may vary, notably words ending in our/or, and ise/ize. Where appropriate please change the spellings to suit your local situation.

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quizballs 249 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. Psilocybin refers to what commonly named natural recreational and anti-depressant drug?
  2. The old maritime professional rank bosun is an abbreviation of what older full term?
  3. The Christian Eucharist ceremonial act is based on what event from religious scripture: Last Supper; Turning Water into Wine; Feeding the 5,000; or Cleansing Ten Lepers?
  4. RB211, Trent, Tay, and Spey, are what, all manufactured by which corporation (two answers required)?
  5. The German/Jewish occupational surname Schneider referred to what sort of tradesman?
  6. A fire ant colony can join together as a self-transporting: Wing; Raft; Ball; or Wheel?
  7. What does the French-English expression "C'est la vie!" mean?
  8. The abbreviation DDoS, referring to a data-flooding attack on a website to disrupt or close it, means what in full?
  9. Wampum refers to decorative/monetary shell-beads in which culture?
  10. The traditional logo of which famous pre-ground bean coffee is a white script lower-case four-letter name on a red square background?
  11. The terms Sic Bo, Tai Sai, Dai Siu, Big and Small, Hi-Lo, Grand Hazard, Birdcage, and Chuck-a-Luck all refer broadly to the same gambling game which uses what?
  12. Named after US economist Arthur Laffer, his eponymous Curve refers graphically to notional/optimal government revenues according to levels of: Taxation; Inflation; Happiness; or Weather?
  13. Aside from his usual name who is sometimes called the Bishop of Rome: Michelangelo; Silvio Berlusconi; Benito Mussolini; or The Pope?
  14. What word for a very bad incident derives from Italian meaning 'ill-starred'?
  15. The word putative means: Harsh; Token; Conditional; or Supposed?
  16. Derived from German bucht, in geography a bight refers to a: Curved feature or bay; Rocky crag; Marsh/bog; or Dry lake?
  17. Corvine refers to resembling/belonging to what bird?
  18. What portmanteau demographics term is the lowest level in the BBC's survey/attempted redefining of social class published in 2013?
  19. Which aptly named country boasts the capital city closest to the equator, also the highest capital, at 2013 (bonus point for the name of the city)?
  20. The 1940s-50s development names Whirlo-Way and Pluto Platter referred to and became what better known generic/brand name?


quizballs 249 - free quiz answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


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