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quizballs 242 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. Cape, Katanga, Masai, Barbary and Asiatic are generally considered sub-species of what 'apex' predator?
  2. The centenary 2013 Chelsea Flower Show temporarily lifted a ban on what in its gardens?
  3. Milankovitch Cycles theory analyses changes in what, according to long-term movements of planet Earth: Climate; Population; Gravity; or Personality/mood?
  4. A metal ring or grommet in a sail or other nautical attachment, through which a rope passes is a: Tingle; Mingle; Cringle; or Pringle?
  5. A stilb is a measure of: Sound; Luminance; Velocity; or Equilibrium?
  6. What famous maker of organs used in pop/rock music since the 1960s is an acronymic abbreviation of the Italian for "United Factory of Accordions'?
  7. In ancient Greek mythology the godly personification of the sky, Uranus, had his what cut off: Ears; Arms; Testicles; or Bottom?
  8. Charles Stent practised what surgery, for which he invented his eponymous technique: Dental; Heart; Orthopedic (bone/skeletal); or Tree?
  9. From Greek words meaning 'flesh preserver' what coal-tar oil was widely used in wood treatment and medicine?
  10. London's Wembley Arena (next to Wembley Stadium) was built in 1934 as what sort of sporting facility, reflected in what original name (two answers required)?
  11. The US company Shubb is famous for making small metal engineered gadgets for: Stringed instruments; Fishing; Cooking; or Cycling?
  12. The nickname of 9th century Islamic mathematician Abu Ja'far Muhammad ibn Musa ('al-Kwarizmi' - the man of Kwarizm) is the etymological source of what computing term?
  13. Bakalva and börek (Turkey/central Asia), birnbrot (Switzerland), bear claw (USA), and briouat (Morocco) are types of what?
  14. What was the name given in Ancient Greek mythology to the time/situation before the creation of the universe: Chaos; Void; Neutron; or Galaxy?
  15. Name the fictional suburb in Ira Levin's 1972 novel which became an expression for a wife who submissively obeys her husband?
  16. What logical common name is given to the cells which initiate cardiac contraction and so control heart rate?
  17. What cereal breakfast is a humorous metaphor for prison?
  18. What informal rule, named after Intel Corp's co-founder, predicts the doubling of transistors on microchips every two years?
  19. What Italian word for 'it follows' refers to a smooth transition between two items, especially musical pieces?
  20. What is the formal (systematic) chemical name for the alcohol in intoxicating drink: Methanol; Ethanol; Propan; or Methylbutan?


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