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quizballs 210 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. What external human feature is commonly described as having three parts: cuticle, cortex and medula?
  2. 'Traduce' means to do what to someone: Enhance reputation; Damage reputation; Trick/deceive; or Blackmail?
  3. Where during the Iron Age and Roman era was Gaul? West Central Europe; Spain and North Africa; Scandinavia; or Eastern Europe?
  4. Which politician, in his previous work, set a world record in Florence in 1981 which endured for 16 years?
  5. A shibboleth is a: Belief or custom; Prehistoric elephant; Biblical vagrant; or Roman catapult?
  6. The slang (now considered offensive) term Hottentot once referred to people of which region: SW Africa; Scandinavia; Germany; or Arabia?
  7. The capital of which US state is named after prospector (and discoverer of local gold in 1880) Joseph Juneau?
  8. Which Frenchman composed Clair de lune, the famous third movement of Suite bergamasque?
  9. A narrative/statement/question used in testing/developing student capability in Zen Buddhism is a: Yoan; Doan; Koan; Shoan; or Moan?
  10. A myringotomy is an incision in what part of the human body?
  11. Rosneftegaz and Gazprom are vast energy corporations of which nation?
  12. Petite Sirah, Tempranillo, Vespolina, and Gamay are varieties of what?
  13. Which of these countries was not in the region known as Prussia: Germany, Russia, Denmark, Italy, or Switzerland?
  14. Gatka, Mardani khel, Musti yuddha, and Silambam are: Indian martial arts; Brazilian dances; Moroccan ports; or Pacific islands?
  15. Bead, Ball, Ribbon, Staccato and Sheet are types of what?
  16. What Japanese family name (and famous guitar company) means 'high ridge' or 'high peak'?
  17. Extragalactic refers to beyond the: Speed of light; Year one-million; Observable universe; or Milky Way?
  18. Ptosis refers medically normally to a drooping what?
  19. What single unit of measurement equates to 1.06×10-13 light-years?
  20. From Greek words for 'similar' and 'standing still' what term refers scientifically to self-balancing in chemical/biological systems, and generally to life where people/societies tend to adjust risk/consumption according to consequences, driven by avoidance of change?


quizballs 210 - free quiz answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


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