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quizballs 203 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. What common boy's name (English language Christian or first name) is derived from the Latin and Greek words for rock?
  2. Name the great old rival company of the Harley-Davidson motorbike corporation, whose models included the Chief and Scout?
  3. An analgesic drug is commonly called a: Painkiller; Cough medicine; Antibiotic; or Vaccine?
  4. A tetrapod is an animal with how many what? (two answers required)
  5. What is the capital of Azerbaijan?
  6. Magnesium shavings are used by campers and adventurers to: Light fires; Eat for energy; Dress wounds; or Make a rudimentary compass?
  7. Spell Mozzarella; Mozarrella; Mozzarrella; Mozarella; or Mozarrela?
  8. Who was the last English monarch of the House of York? - bonus point - Who succeeded him?
  9. What name besides glove is given commonly to a baseball player's handwear?
  10. A compound which reduces liquid surface tension, or tension between two liquids or liquid and solid (as do detergents, foaming agents, and dispersants) is generally called a: Colloid; Triglyceride; Surfactant; or Fatty acid?
  11. The Mansion House is the official residence of what London title-holder?
  12. Apitoxin is the scientific name for which sort of venom?
  13. A baby's traditional cloth nappy or diaper is generally folded into what shape directly before fitting to a baby: Square; Oblong; Circle; or Triangle?
  14. American physician Dr Henry Jay Heimlich is famously credited with developing a procedure to counter what threat to life?
  15. Northampton is generally regarded to have the largest what in England: Church; Market square; Scottish population; or Railway station?
  16. What product, invented by accountant Walter Diemer in 1928, was and remains conventionally pink, (it is said) because pink was the only dye available to its inventor at the time?
  17. Lightning strikes on airborne commercial aircraft are: Impossible; Always catastrophic; or Very rarely catastrophic?
  18. Piperazine (BZP) is a: Recreational drug; Russian oil company; Gold colour food additive; or Mexican political party?
  19. In geometry all regular polygons have 'what' sides: Four; Equal; Five; or More than five?
  20. The medical acronym RICE, referring to treatment of soft tissue injuries such as muscle strains, stands for what?


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