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quizballs 200 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. What was the previous brand-name of the Nissan automotive corporation?
  2. As at 2012 the European Union comprises how many member states: 12; 17; 22; or 27?
  3. Loss of temper or sudden uncontrollable rage is called metaphorically as 'the (what colour) mist'?
  4. Name the new French president of 2012?
  5. The mariachi musical style/band belongs to which country?
  6. Name the Bosnian Serb army commander tried at The Hague in 2012 for war crimes against Bosnia 1992-95?
  7. What Latin term refers (literally) to a writer or composer's 'great work'?
  8. What is the international dialling code for Australia: 31; 41; 51; or 61?
  9. How many eighths are in one-and-three-quarters?
  10. What is the main metallic element in the core of the moon: Zinc; Iron; Copper; or Gold?
  11. Beyond the number five, prime numbers can only end in one of which four numbers?
  12. Anachronistic means from another: Language; Time; Culture; or Purpose?
  13. Cape Verde was until independence a territory of which European country?
  14. As at 2012 the official 'authorised version' of the Holy Bible is also known by what monarch's name?
  15. What is the cube root of 343?
  16. The Beau Sancy, sold at a Geneva auction in 2012 for £5.3m, is a: Painting; Diamond; Island; or Biplane?
  17. Insuperable means impossible to: Understand; Believe; Explain; or Overcome?
  18. Albedoza or albedo refers to a surface's what: Hardness; Springiness; Reflectivity; or Smoothness?
  19. What word, from French and Portuguese etymology meaning 'raised', in different variants refers to various peoples around the world who are born locally, of foreign origin?
  20. What royal house immediately followed the reign of England's King Richard III: Tudor; York; Hanover; or Windsor?


quizballs 200 - free quiz answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


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