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quizballs 198 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. Rib, stretcher, runner, ferrule, crook-handle and tube are parts of which common protective device?
  2. As at 2012 which newspaper has the most popular website: Bild; New York Times; Daily Mail; or China Daily?
  3. Spell: Prestigeous; Prestigous; Prestidgous; or Prestigious?
  4. What significant territory did President Richard Nixon call by telephone on 20 July 1969?
  5. In 2012 what Aintree obstacle did the UK RSPCA describe as a 'killer fence' in calling for its removal from the Grand National steeplechase course?
  6. Expropriate means: Dispossess; Unacceptable; Old-fashioned; Allocate?
  7. What spring 2012 Formula 1 Grand Prix was held amongst violent civil unrest?
  8. Static occlusion, dynamic occlusion, and centric occlusion refer to misalignment of what?
  9. What major international leader was in 2010 officially given ranked status as a Hells Angel by his nation's 'high council' of bikers, with the name 'Abaddon'?
  10. What sovereign state's English-language website was revealed in 2012 by a New York student to have been built using an American $15 website design template: Malta; Monaco; Vatican City; or North Korea?
  11. Bratwurst is a greatly varying German food made mainly of: Meat; Cabbage; Potato; or Fish?
  12. Jurisprudence is the theory/philosophy of what?
  13. Hyponatremia/hyponatraemia is an unhelpful reduction of what element in human blood serum?
  14. The fastest ever book character and the first sub-three-hour vegetable were notable achievers at which 2012 London event?
  15. What creature is on the mission insignia or badge of the first moon landing, Apollo 11?
  16. RIM's 2012-launched smartphone is called the BlackBerry: 5; 7; 10; or 17? - bonus point - What does RIM stand for?
  17. The mountainous and partly lawless province of Nuristan lies in the north-east of which country?
  18. About five-million tonnes of debris from which 2011 event was estimated to wash onto western Canadian and US shores in 2012-13?
  19. In which city was English King Richard III's body displayed after his defeat in 1485? - bonus point - Richard III was killed at the Battle of (what) Field?
  20. Canadian psychiatrist Eric Berne (1910-70) founded which psychotherapeutic/psychological methodology?


quizballs 198 - free quiz answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


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