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quizballs 192 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. What biscuit was created to celebrate the visit of a founding father of modern Italy to London in 1864?
  2. The natural effect causing paint to rise up the hairs of a paintbrush, and liquid to rise up a narrow tube is called (what) action?
  3. Spell the medical term: Cortorize; Quarterize; Cauterize; or Quortorize? And, bonus point, what process does it entail (applying to the skin or flesh): Burning; Stitching; Grafting; or Swaddling?
  4. In 1971 the Russian-built Salyut 1 became the first what?
  5. What drink brand was first to be offered with a foam producing 'widget' in the can? - Bonus point, what gas does the widget release, producing the foam?
  6. Roughly how long did the Pony Express service operate in the USA: 1 year; 5 years; 10 years; or 20 years?
  7. What drug company developed Viagra?
  8. What car company was set up by Colin Chapman in 1952, subsequently succeeding in F1 racing?
  9. What Canadian city was named by explorer Jacques Cartier, meaning originally 'Royal Mount'?
  10. What controversial levy was introduced in the UK in 1989-90, replaced after prolonged protests by the Council Tax?
  11. Dr Robert Atkins, (1930-2003), who died weighing 260lbs, was noted for what eponymous conception?
  12. What ingredient, used cleverly very sparingly by the Romans, largely determines durability of concrete?
  13. Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie (VOC), was better known as what hugely influential organization, notably in the colonial exploitation of Asia?
  14. What does 'swaddling' mean: Wrapping in cloth; Covering in oil; Soaking in milk; or Protecting with straw?
  15. Technically the potato is a: Tuber; Root; Stem; or Fruit?
  16. In what modern country did the ancient Sumer or Sumerian civilisation develop and flourish?
  17. Modern DNA studies show that the first migrants to the North American continent were: Asians; Europeans; South Americans; or Africans?
  18. What modern convenient foodstuff takes its name from the Latin meaning 'salted (and preserved meat)'?
  19. What famous detective/crime writer was the first goalkeeper and a founder of Portsmouth United Football Club?
  20. What naturally occurring and dangerous material is commonly represented by the formula Mg3(Si2O5)(OH)4?


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