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quizballs 190 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. In what country was the sports goods company Fila first established (1911) and owned?
  2. What airport carries the most international passengers in the world (at 2012)?
  3. The translation 'long chair' refers to what traditionally French named item of furniture?
  4. King Rama and Queen Sirikit rule which country (at 2012), bordered by Burma, Laos, and Cambodia?
  5. Spell the word: Exagerrate; Exagerate; Exaggerate; Exaggerrate?
  6. Moishe Shagall, born 1887 in what is now Belarus, became famous under what other name?
  7. From Greek meaning within, what sort of gland secretes hormones, etc., directly into the blood?
  8. What weekday is traditionally called 'Super...' in the election of US presidential candidates?
  9. The business abbreviation SME usually refers to what?
  10. Geir Haard (who in 2012 became the first politician to face court charges for negligence in contributing to the 2008 global financial crisis) led what country?
  11. What trade takes its name from the old word for twelve dozen?
  12. What is the lowest note on a common traditional four-string mandolin?
  13. The 'doppelsigrune' or 'sig runes' was the symbol of what secretive and powerful organization?
  14. UK tabloid newspapers are commonly called: Blue-prints; Red-tops; Black-sheets; or Brown-bottoms?
  15. The initials of (what was) the major UK engineering/technology corporation GEC stand for what?
  16. Who was the last head of state of the Soviet Union?
  17. What city opened the UK's largest city-centre water feature - the 'Mirror Pool' - in Spring 2012: London; Birmingham; Edinburgh; or Bradford?
  18. As at 2012 what nationality is the Brewery corporation Carlsberg?
  19. Argyle Pink Jubilee is a: Rose; Champagne; Diamond; or Racehorse?
  20. Name Norwegian Evard Munch's famous painting of human outburst?


quizballs 190 - free quiz answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


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