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quizballs 189 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. The Aquino, Arroyo and Cojuangco families have in recent times ruled what country?
  2. (As at 2012, and here translated into English) it is illegal to use the slogan 'One People, one Empire, one Leader' in what country?
  3. As at 2012 what is the oldest age of a British monarch on taking the throne: 38; 52; 64; or 85? Bonus point - who was it?
  4. In the human body the hypophysis is better known as what gland?
  5. The Bedouin people are so named because they originated in: Forest; Desert; Grasslands; or Lakelands?
  6. What English word from French meaning literally 'cold blood' refers to (a person's) composure under pressure?
  7. The deeply inaccessible lakes Vostok, Whillans, and Ellsworth are in the: Amazon rainforest; Russian tundra; Australian outback; or South Pole?
  8. Redolent means: Unnecessary; Continuous; Glowing; or Odorous?
  9. Violent government attacks on pro-democracy protests including besiegement of Homs city occurred in which country, 2011-12?
  10. Near Field Communication technology (NFC) is a set of standards for: Hot-air ballooning; Smartphones; Border control; or Satnav?
  11. UK road signs for tourist destinations and places of interest are normally a white icon on what colour background?
  12. The 1805 Battle of Austerlitz was a major victory for which commander?
  13. What 'white-tail' species grew in such numbers in US Washington DC parklands as to prompt radical control measures in 2012: Rats; Snakes; Cats; Rabbits; Beetles; Deer; Eagles; Goats; Weasels; Squirrels; or Porcupines?
  14. What nationality (at 2012, and at founding) are the corporations Samsung, Hyundai and LG?
  15. Spell the word (meaning gently, quietly, hardly noticeably): Subtly; Subtley; Subtlely; or Subtely?
  16. What film won five Oscars in 2012 including Best Actor, Original Score and Costume Design?
  17. In Feb 2012 British cruise ships Adonia and Star Princess were refused entry to Ushuaia port in the southern tip of which country?
  18. Moody's, Fitch, and Standard and Poor's are leaders in what market: Care homes; Outdooor clothing; Credit ratings; or Cider?
  19. What 'discriminatory' personal title did the French government decree in Feb 2012 should be removed from official forms?
  20. Brent Crude is the common trading classification for oil sourced from the bed of what sea?


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