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quizballs 188 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. Which corporation suffered embarrassment after sponsoring and naming the cold weather system which caused multiple fatalities across Eastern Europe in Feb 2012?
  2. Named after Hantan River, South Korea, hantaviruses typically infect humans through transfer from bites, waste, etc., of: Mosquitoes; Rodents; Dogs; or Bats?
  3. As at 2012 what country is the world's largest democracy?
  4. In 2012 Josefina Vazquez Mota became a presidential candidate for the ruling National Action Party (PAN) in which country?
  5. In what country was Britain's Queen Elizabeth II when she became Queen in 1952?
  6. Who painted The Card Players, at Feb 2012 the most expensive artwork in the world?
  7. Medically, what does CPR most commonly stand for?
  8. Name the Australian mining tycoon who after acquiring substantial newspaper shareholdings in 2012 emerged from obscurity as one of the world's richest women?
  9. Babaotai Chuanwen refers to the so-called 'Eight (what?) Scandal' in Chinese news, Feb 2012?
  10. Emil Boc resigned as prime minister of which European country in Feb 2012?
  11. Rosie47, named after a pet dog, is/was: Harry Redknapp's secret Monaco bank account; Prince Harry's Apache helicopter; Harry Hill's new TV series; or a Harold Pinter play about a pet dog?
  12. What is the colour/color sequence of the four letters in the Ebay logo, reading left to right?
  13. What is the regulation maximum width of the white baseline marking on a tennis court?
  14. Pelagic refers to the open what?
  15. Lisa del Giocondo is better known as what famous characterization?
  16. Referring to the study of the Earth's atmosphere and weather, spell: Meterology; Meteorology; Metreology; or Metarology?
  17. What is the technical name of the 'love hormone' secreted by the pituitary gland, notably associated with conception, childbirth and breastfeeding?
  18. As at 2012 Goulburn Correctional Centre is considered the highest security prison of which country?
  19. Litotes (pronounced 'lie-toe-tees') is a literary/language/communications term referring to: Exaggeration; Sadness; Happiness; or Understatement?
  20. An atlatl (confirm spelling is ATLATL) is a device for: Throwing spears; Measuring ocean depth; Sculpting clay; or Storing atlases?


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