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quizballs 187 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. 'Liquor amnii' is normally found in: Pregnant women; Cuban bars; East-London pie shops; or Catholic churches?
  2. What colour/color is the second 'O' in the standard original Google logo: Blue; Green; Red; or Yellow?
  3. Spell: Seperater; Separator; Separater; or Seperator (meaning a thing that separates other things)?
  4. The fuel injection system replaced what traditional device for blending air and fuel in car combustion engines?
  5. Plovers or dotterels are a type of birds classed as a: Hawks; Waders; Ducks; or Cranes?
  6. How many square feet is a full sized (doubles) regulation tennis court (excluding the space around the marked lines to run about): 1,104; 1,456; 1,728; or 2,808?
  7. A Pelton wheel converts what power into usable energy?
  8. A phot is a unit of measurement of: Camera shutter-speed; Light brightness; Radioactivity; or Colour/color intensity?
  9. What factual UK radio show at 2012 is the world's longest running and has featured guests' choices including a blow-up doll, suicide pill, and (misheard), 'a penis'?
  10. The Kowloon Peninsula forms the southern part of what 'special administrative' territory? - bonus point - what is the other SAR of C?
  11. As at 2012 what 115-island Indian Ocean nation has the smallest population (about 86,000) of any African country?
  12. Which country has the international telephone dialling code 27?
  13. A TRS connector (tip, ring, sleeve) is more commonly known as a (what) plug?
  14. What length is the shortest side of a right-angled triangle whose longest sides are 4cm and 5cm?
  15. A framework beam - a fink - that supports a wide-spanning roof is also known as a '(what nationality) truss'?
  16. The Turbans, The Five Satins, and The Diamonds helped establish what musical style: Glitter-rock; Doo-wop; Reggae; or Heavy metal?
  17. How many cross-stars feature in the Subaru automotive badge logo?
  18. What connects the terms Parliament, Murder, Exaltation, and Unkindness? - and a bonus point for what each term refers to?
  19. Spell the Russian composer's name Pyotr Ilyich ... : Tchaichovsky; Tschaikofsky; Tchaikovsky; or Tchaikovski?
  20. What psychological condition was named after Greek legend of a beautiful hunter who fell in love with his own reflection?


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