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This quiz illustrates the diversity of the English-speaking world. The words in the answers came into the English language from different languages. They reflect cultural diversity - people of different nationalities and ethnicities, etc., mixing together, and often adopting cultural behaviours as well as the language.

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quizballs 185 - free language diversity and general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


For each question, what is the 'non-English' word that was adopted into English, from the source language(s) shown:


  1. Forbidden, unmentionable - from Tongan?
  2. Mountain guide, and 1975 British Leyland van brand, later the Leyland Daf Pilot - from Tibetan?
  3. Seasonal South Asia wind and accompanying rainfall - from Dutch?
  4. Long wrap-around skirt meaning sheath or quiver - from Malay?
  5. Clumsy awkward person, whose earlier root gave us also 'clot' in English - from Yiddish?
  6. Variety (of choices) - from Swedish?
  7. The same (not the same as the question above, simply, 'the same') - from Italian?
  8. The phonetic neutral vowel sound shown as ə - like the 'eh' at the end of 'sofa' and the start of 'along' (whose symbol is an inverted 'e') - from German - and bonus point - a different word meaning the same thing from Hebrew instead?
  9. Ghost or spirit, typically unseen and moving things - from German?
  10. Isolation, quarantine, or secrecy - from Persian/Urdu?
  11. Beer brewed for storing/keeping - from German?
  12. Long story - from Old Norse?
  13. Massacre of an ethnic group - from Russian/Yiddish?
  14. Joy in the misfortune of others - from German?
  15. Courage - from a rude Spanish metaphor?
  16. Group journey in specific continent - from Kiswahili?
  17. Hot steam bath - from Finnish?
  18. Happiness or blissful death through elightenment (literally 'blowing out') - from Sanskrit?
  19. Soft leather heelless shoe whose sole is upturned to form sides - from Virginian Algonquian?
  20. Military ruler, and Mitsubishi 4x4 - from Japanese?


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