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quizballs 183 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. Playboy Russia covergirl Maria Kozhevnikova, boxer Nikolai Valuyev, and tennis player Marat Safin shared what honour in December 2011?
  2. What William S Burroughs 1961 book popularised the rock music term 'heavy metal', and provided the names for at least two rock bands of the 1970s?
  3. What main religion celebrates festivals including Nuakhai, Yatra (or Zatra/Jatra), Pongal, Holi and Shigmo?
  4. Which country experienced the Velvet Revolution in Nov-Dec 1989?
  5. According to the UK General Teaching Council how many of the 28,000 newly qualified teachers in 2010 had a computer-related degree: 3; 30; 300 or 3,000?
  6. Spell the word: Remanisence; Reminissense; Remeniscence; or Reminiscence?
  7. What ancient Sanskrit word loosely meaning 'region' commonly now refers to people (and culture, products, etc) of Indian sub-continent origins?
  8. Whom did Forbes Magazine list as the most powerful woman in the Southern Hemisphere in 2011?
  9. Unrelated, what is a set of slats and a museum?
  10. What ship, whose name means thunderbolt, was Nelson's flagship 1799-1801, and later a training ship for boys?
  11. The Showa period of Japan coincided with what Emperor's reign?
  12. Michael Morpurgo, author of the children's book War Horse, on which the 2012 Spielberg film (of the same name) is based, held what UK position from 2003-5?
  13. What fashionable Mediterranean resort hosted the G20 international economics conference at the height of the Greek Euro membership crisis?
  14. How many cubic metres is the space in a room four metres square and three metres high?
  15. Which politician (as at 2011) has the second-highest average for a No6 cricket test batsman (over 61 runs) and in a competition bowled faster than Dennis Lillee and Andy Roberts?
  16. What element is also known as hydrargyrum?
  17. Whose father wrote and sang the popular 'Secret Lemonade Drinker' song in the award-winning British 1970s-80s R Whites Lemonade TV advert ?
  18. The annual Ballon d'Or award recognizes the world's best: Film; Footballer (soccer player); Ballet dancer; or Stunt aviator?
  19. Which Australian city is considered to have the largest Greek population outside of Greece?
  20. What French term refers in English (contracts especially) to an unforeseeable factor preventing the fulfilment of an agreement?


quizballs 183 - free quiz answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


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