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This quiz illustrates the diversity of the English-speaking world. The words in the answers came into the English language from different languages. They reflect cultural diversity - people of different nationalities and ethnicities, etc., mixing together, and often adopting cultural behaviours as well as the language.

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quizballs 182 - free language diversity and general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


Two answers are required for each question -

  • the 'non-English' word that was adopted into English, and
  • the language from which it came (directly into English)

How many do you know? Some of the source languages are surprising.


  1. Dust or camouflage colour or material?
  2. Specialized raiding party soldier?
  3. Fondness for travel?
  4. View, and replacement windows?
  5. Slaughterhouse?
  6. Cross symbol with loop for top element?
  7. Returning hunting weapon?
  8. Business magnate, originally 'great prince'?
  9. Gambling house?
  10. Hot Indian curry thought to refer originally to 'wine garlic sauce'?
  11. Popular animated movie and personal web pic?
  12. Dance event or nightclub?
  13. The Virgin Mary?
  14. Firm imposed instruction or resolution?
  15. Whirlpool or great turbulence?
  16. Vast Arctic mashlands with underlying permafrost?
  17. Racial segregation?
  18. Small one-person closed watertight canoe?
  19. Small four-stringed guitar?
  20. Unexpected good fortune or prosperous success?


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