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quizballs 180 - free 'top-and-tail-connections' cryptic clues general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


Each answer is just one word. The last letter of each answer is the first letter of the next answer. The first letter of the first answer is the last letter of the last answer. Most questions contain cryptic clues.


  1. Supercilium often raised?
  2. Half-baked?
  3. Extended intranet?
  4. Bass red triangle was the first ever registered (UK)?
  5. Eponymous 1947 weapon developer?
  6. Mythological Norse 'hall of the slain'?
  7. Each vowel, correct order, moderate consumer?
  8. Biblical hairshirt worn with ashes?
  9. Laughing feliform?
  10. Sound, hearing, and non-electric musical instruments from the Greeks?
  11. French knight, thank heaven?
  12. Prepared plural money slang?
  13. Dripping with Yiddish sentimentality?
  14. Cubic substitute ZrO2?
  15. Physical rate of change of v over time?
  16. South Asia Muslim ruler's title, variously distorted?
  17. Lord of the Flies is a devil?
  18. Clean graph curve?
  19. Agent of guaranteed investment?
  20. Divinely amusing Italian poet?


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