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quizballs 179 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. What is the mathematical name, and otherwise very common word, for the space inside a sphere?
  2. What do people normally do in a refectory: Eat; Sleep; Study; or Grow vegetables?
  3. Roger 'Race' Bannon, Hadji, and a dog called Bandit are leading characters in what 1960s TV cartoon, now media franchise?
  4. Mammoths became largely extinct on Earth roughly how many years ago: 400-500; 5,000-20,000; 100,000-500,000; or 5-10 million?
  5. The rivers Brahmaputra, Ganges, Meghna and Krishna flow into the Bay of (What)?
  6. What soft gray alkaline earth metal is the fifth most abundant element by mass in the Earth's crust?
  7. What feature in clothing such as trousers and skirts has variations called box, fluted, accordion, knife and honeycombe?
  8. Wildfowl such as ducks, geese, swans, etc., have a nail on which part of the body: Foot; Wingtip; Beak; or Breast?
  9. What medical/scientific term refers to an abnormal sac of liquid on a plant or animal, derived from Greek kustis, meaning bladder?
  10. What is the very old (English from c.1440) traditional name for the typographical paragraph or 'blind P' mark ¶ ?
  11. The 'God particle' is more technically called what, after two (English and Indian) physicists?
  12. What Italian-originating word means vivacity or vigour/vigor, and is also an infant toy brand?
  13. In medicine and biological science, what is the opposite and usual alternative to 'in vitro'?
  14. The 1979 Islamic Revolution of Iran overthrew a: King; Shah; General; or President?
  15. What anciently originating term refers to a degree and other types of qualification, deriving from the word bachelor and a punning reference to early leafy awards?
  16. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk (1881-1938) was first president and is regarded as founder of which republic?
  17. The Hindustani Indian instrument the dilruba, meaning 'robber of the heart', is used by a: Musician; Surgeon; Goldsmith; Cook; or Tailor?
  18. Eiswein is wine made from grapes that have been what on the vine? Frozen; Sun-dried; Salted; or Pressed?
  19. The Great Purge, known locally as Yezhovshchina, happened in which country?
  20. In 2011, Bristol's 1000-seater Za Za Bazaar opened as the UK's largest: Restaurant; Casino; Video gaming hall; Nursery School, or Hairdressers?
  21. A human baby's response to sudden loss of physical support (as if falling) is technically called the (What) reflex?
  22. What is the singular term for one piece of data?
  23. Using conventional tunings, what is the lowest note a symphonic orchestra can produce by bowing a stringed instrument?
  24. What is the Muslim nations' equivalent of the Red Cross co-ordination body for the relief of human suffering?
  25. Name the Ukrainian/Russian American engineer who was first to viably manufacture and sell helicopters?
  26. In physics, what is the opposite of Tension: Vacuum; Pressure; Compression; or Leverage?
  27. A kytoon is a: Japanese animated film; Group of five soldiers; Lunar satellite; or Kite which stays up without wind?
  28. The naturalized American writer Lana Peters (1936-2011) was the daughter of which tyrannical leader? (Obscure bonus question: In becoming Lana Peters, she married the son-in-law and chief apprentice of which famous architect, following the death of the architect's daughter?)
  29. The word 'inveterate' means: Sober; Habitual; Upside-down; Old; or Spineless?
  30. Name the seven base measurement units of the International System of Units (SI system)? (And for lots of bonus points name the quantity or 'thing' that each one measures?)


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