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quizballs 178 - free christmas themed general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. Pleased proud puppet?
  2. Gum Olibanum, from the tree Boswellia sacra?
  3. Dickensian metaphor, mean with money?
  4. White marking on horse's lower leg?
  5. ... may be willing, but flesh weak?
  6. 9, 18, 22, 79 are significant?
  7. Powdered wool or cloth in certain wallpapers?
  8. Malaikah in the Qur'an, and Mal'akh in the Hebrew Bible?
  9. Widely used title of high authority, in English was orginally 'hlafweard', meaning bread-keeper?
  10. Pre-1948 widely used unit of luminous intensity?
  11. Alternative name for the plant Sweet Cicely, from its Latin name?
  12. Very old 'logging' term, cognate with Old Norse jol?
  13. Arabian and Bactrian varieties? (Bonus point: The ancient powerful Indo-Greek kingdom Bactria, c.200-400BC, equates to the northern part of which present-day nation?)
  14. Dwarf heather vaccinium yielding acid fruit?
  15. A side in a contract or dispute?
  16. Originally, in English, a student residence, preserved in Gray's and Lincoln's?
  17. Conducted mission of preaching and healing, with reported miracles, in Palestine, c.28-30AD?
  18. Genus ilex?
  19. ...thought, an old term for a wishbone?
  20. Marketing/technology term for the busiest day each year for online shopping?
  21. Seminal place, House of Flesh in Arabic, House of Bread in Hebrew?
  22. ... Anise, used for aniseed flavouring typically in Asian cooking?
  23. From Latin, 'a spark', showy?
  24. Originally Old English 'haligdaeg', meaning 'holy day'?
  25. Trumpet end?
  26. Beast of burden, Equus asinus?
  27. Pre-digital video or TV screen 'noise' due to no/poor signal?
  28. Verb tense neither future nor past?
  29. Milk/cream, sugar, beaten eggs, and liquor drink?
  30. Name given to Christ when prophesied by Isaiah?



quizballs 178 - free xmas quiz answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes

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