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quizballs 177 - free latin/english words quiz questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes

Latin is the origin and can help us understand meaning of much of the English language.  

Here are a few Latin words. How many can you translate - even very loosely - into English?

You can do the quiz either:

  • without seeing the answers (see immediately below), or
  • by also seeing the answers, in the wrong order, (further below after the first option)
  1. Umbro?
  2. Agito?
  3. Summa?
  4. Zephyr?
  5. Virgo?
  6. Tridens?
  7. Vox?
  8. Annus?
  9. Tango?
  10. Tribunal?
  11. Scorpio?
  12. Concordo?
  13. Transitus?
  14. Auxilium?
  15. Campus?
  16. Tacitus?
  17. Dux?
  18. Turbo?
  19. Absonus?
  20. Quadrivium?


Please note: many of these Latin words have several related English meanings, hence asking above for very loose English meanings. The answers are intended to be the primary meanings, although in some cases there can be related alternative English meanings, and if doping the quiz 'blind' (without seeing the answers), then a good amount of tolerance is appropriate in judging the validity of answers.

Quiz answers in the wrong order (scroll down):





  1. Arena
  2. Silent
  3. Leader
  4. Whirl
  5. Incongruous
  6. Platform
  7. Crossbow
  8. Agree
  9. Passage
  10. Help
  11. Young woman
  12. Three-pronged
  13. Voice
  14. Year
  15. Taste
  16. Crossroads
  17. Shade
  18. Excite
  19. Main issue
  20. Wind


quizballs 177 - free latin/english words quiz answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


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