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quizballs 174 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. Said to be the most natural unit of time what is typically defined as the period of rotation of the Earth relative to any selected heavenly body?
  2. What foodstuff, meaning 'fat liver' in French, is made from the liver of a duck or goose fattened traditionally by force-feeding?
  3. Spell the words: Supersede/Supercede; Separate/Seperate; Relevant/Relevent; and Hygiene/Hygene? (Half a point each)
  4. What do the initials of the hugely influential IMF organization (which promotes international economic cooperation) stand for?
  5. Where on the female body is a snood worn: Thumb/finger; Ankle/calf; Torso/waist; or Head/neck?
  6. Which of these periodic table descriptions is given to the chemical element Arsenic (As): Lanthanide; Metalloid; Noble gas; or Halogen?
  7. The Head of State in Italy is (at 2011) a: Prime Minister; President; King; or General?
  8. Conceived in 1999 in Melbourne, Australia, the annual month-long charity effort 'Movember' raises awareness/funds for men's health issues (notably prostate and testicular cancer) involving the wearing of what?
  9. Born in October 1949, and as at 2011 in prison for life in France, by what nickname is Venezeulan Ilich Ramírez Sánchez known?
  10. Canadian professor of management and psychology, Victor Vroom, established '(What?) Theory'?
  11. What is the fictional brand based at the UK postcode E20 6PQ, and, announced in 2011, the real brand subsequently allocated the entire E20 postal district? (Two answers required - one point each)
  12. What is the (full name of the) United Nations' agency for nuclear technology, abbreviated to IAEA?
  13. What country has a socialist political party whose members are called Sandanistas?
  14. Infection caused by the parasitic microorganism Plasmodium genus is known better as what disease?
  15. What musical instrument has the nickname 'the devil's box'?
  16. The Observer is the Sunday edition of which UK daily newspaper?
  17. Vitreous enamel, used to decorate and protect pottery, metals, etc., is: Plastic; Resin; Graphite; Carbon; or Glass?
  18. What German word refers to the highest or premier league of any sport in Germany or Austria?
  19. From 2006-11 and ongoing, Giuliano Mignini became infamous for alleged incompetence and recklessness in what role in Italy? Soccer referee; Public prosecutor; Pizza restaurateur; or Formula 1 team manager?
  20. What car/vehicle maker has (at 2011) a logo of two chevrons, one above the other, both pointing upwards?


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