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quizballs 173 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. The Omega Speedmaster is claimed (at 2011) to be the only watch worn on the: Moon; Top of K2; Cover of Time Magazine; Battle of Rorke's Drift; Ben Hur movie?
  2. Name the Glasgow-born guitar virtuoso and 1960s founder of the band Pentangle who died age 67 in 2011?
  3. Spell: Deutschland; Deutcheland; Deuschlande; or Duetchland?
  4. What is common name of the clear flammable early anaesthetic liquid with the formula C2H5OC2H5 (or CH3-CH2-O-CH2-CH3)?
  5. Extenuating means: Extending; Mitigating; Painful; or Complicated?
  6. The vast international security/facility management corporation G4S is an abbreviation of which two much older business names?
  7. What does LP, meaning a vinyl album record, stand for?
  8. What word, from Greek meaning 'well sounding', refers to a sound or effect on sound which is pleasing to the ear?
  9. F = ma is a common simplification of what?
  10. The famous geological/geographical feature Chesil Beach in Dorset, England, is a natural coastal barrier made of: Pebbles; Chalk; Limestone rocks; or Coral?
  11. At the outset of a major demonstration against capitalist greed and recklessness in London in October 2011, what group did the Rev Giles Fraser ask to leave the steps of St Paul's Cathedral: Students; Stockbrokers; Photographers; or Police?
  12. The Rusal corporation, a factor in a massive 2011 legal compensation battle between two businessmen, produces what commodity where: Rum in Albania; Aluminium/Aluminum in Russia; Alfafa in Rumania/Romania; Rubber in Algeria; or Rubidium in Alaska?
  13. Zebra, Panda, Pelican, and Puffin are types of UK what?
  14. Which large automotive and musical corporation has a logo comprising three crossed tuning forks?
  15. Upon the change to British regal succession law removing gender inequality, the Princess Royal (Anne) advances how many positions closer to the Crown?
  16. Adam Werritty, in the British news in 2011 for his inappropriate connections to a government minister, was frequently described as the minister's what: Beaglekeeper and beater; Best man and flatmate; Tattooist and fitness guru; or Chief cook and bottlewasher? (Bonus point, name the minister who resigned because of the relationship, and his department?)
  17. What common scientific suffix (referring to having a productive quality) is from the French/Greek word loosely meaning 'born of a specific kind'?
  18. From Hindi for washing, what is an Indian washerwoman/man?
  19. What Canadian technology service suffered a major internet outage in October 2011, angering millions of its customers unable to use its email and popular 'messenger' services, and prompting calls for its owners to sell up and exit?
  20. Commercial artist John Holmes designed a famous image of a naked hollow hip-handled female torso hanging from a rail for which classic 1970 feminist book? (bonus point, name the author?)
  21. What hugely popular annual celebration takes its name from the Sanskrit for 'row of lamps'?
  22. The Easterlin Paradox concerns the relationship between: Fame and Insecurity; Wealth and Happiness; Drugs and Wellness; or TV dinners and IQ?
  23. What famous UK 304-mile protest march took place in October 1936?
  24. On 19-20 October 1917 the largest fleet of what attempted and mostly failed to attack the UK?
  25. The Grand Bazaar, said to be the world's largest covered market, is in which city?
  26. What corporation announced in 2011 the establishment of a vast new data centre in Lulea, Sweden, mainly for reasons of renewable energy and environmental cooling?
  27. Apple's smartphone launched in Autumn/Fall 2011 to unprecedented demand was the iphone: 4S; 3L; 2C; or 5P?
  28. What is a person called who is unappreciative or hostile towards the arts, derived from an ancient race depicted in the Bible as great enemies of Israel?
  29. The Reverend Thomas A Dorsey is linked with the origins of what musical singing style?
  30. The natural basic form of the spice ginger (Zingiber officinale) is a: Rhizome; Flower; Seed; Leaf; Nut; or Bark?


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