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quizballs 169 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. Once called Byzantium, what is the only city in the world situated on two continents?
  2. Rien in French means: Something; Nothing; Always; or Never?
  3. In general a horse is distinguished from a pony at/over approximately what height, in hands, to the withers?
  4. Spell: Piramid; Pyromid; Piramyd; or Pyramid?
  5. The tendency for UK grocery shoppers to drift towards discount stores during recessions became known in the early 21st century as the '(what supermarket)-effect'?
  6. Paul Newman's title character in the 1967 film Cool Hand Luke was imprisoned for decapitating what?, where he succcessfully accepted a challenge to eat 50 what?, respectively: Cats and pork pies; His wife and hotdogs; Chickens and boiled mice; or Parking meters and boiled eggs?
  7. Now a stereotypical reference to a powerful Russian businessman, what word originally meaning government/rule by a small number of people is taken from the Greek words for few and rule?
  8. England rugby player Manu Tuilagi was fined NZ$10,000 in the 2011 Rugby World Cup for wearing an unauthorised branded: Vest; Skullcap; Boot; or Gumshield? Bonus point for the gumshield brand?
  9. In 2011 Tim Cook succeeded what iconic leader of what iconic technology corporation (two answers required)?
  10. OWS, the core-group of the US faction of international protests against corporate greed and consumerism, stands for 'Occupy (where)'?
  11. What self-proclaimed birthplace of surfing announced in 2011 that the activity would become (in 2013) an official college sport?
  12. The world wide web domain .tv belongs to which Pacific island nation?
  13. Berghaus is a popular brand of: Outdoor clothing/equipment; Bratwurst; Carpet; or Porcelain?
  14. According to popular medical opinion (at 2011) how much sleep on average is best per night for optimum adult health: 5-6 hours; 6-8hrs; 7-9hrs; or 8-10hrs?
  15. What family-founded/named corporation owns the brands Snickers, Uncle Ben's and Dolmio (at 2011)?
  16. CAC40 is a major stock market index of which country?
  17. What notorious convicted tax-evader is considered the instigator of milk date stamps in Chicago?
  18. The venue for the 2012 Olympic archery events is considered the home of what sport?
  19. What stone, still quarried in the Dorset (England) tied island which also bears its name, was used in the construction of St Paul's Cathedral and Buckingham Palace, and widely elsewhere too?
  20. Brown (for example, paint) is produced by mixing what colour/color combination: Yellow/Blue; Red/Blue/Yellow; Black/Orange; or Green/Blue?


quizballs 169 - free quiz answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


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