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quizballs 168 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes



  1. The word apogee refers to what sort of point: Lowest; Highest; Sharpest; or Dullest?
  2. What country has Baffin Bay to its west coast and Denmark Strait to its south-east?
  3. What recent wine-making country produces varieties from its Maharashtra region?
  4. Australian foreign minister Kevin Rudd complained that what homeland foodstuff was confiscated from his luggage on entering the USA in 2011?
  5. A backless usually female shoe or slipper is commonly called by what animal name?
  6. When bankers and brokers talk of M&A, what normally do they mean: Maximum and Average; Motivation and Authority; Mitigation and Arbitration; or Mergers and Acquisitions?
  7. What historical amenity do these places have in common: Harrogate and Matlock (UK), and Baden-Baden and Badenweiler (Germany)?
  8. Star trader Kweku Adoboli was at the centre of a 'rogue trader' crisis in what Swiss Bank in 2011? Bonus question: the bank's logo is three crossed what?
  9. What popular abbreviated two-word term refers to books particularly oriented towards young female romance?
  10. What pressure group, led by Kumi Naidoo, with three million members, celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2011?
  11. Greek god Dionysus is also known by what mythical Roman godly name, associated with revelry?
  12. In 2011 Australia launched passports offering a third-gender option for intersex people (whose anatomy fits neither male/female convention) indicated by what letter symbol?
  13. Kevlar, the high-strength fibre material, used in armour and sports equipment, is a product/brand of which international chemicals corporation?
  14. As at 2011, how big is the audience for the TV show China's Got Talent? 3 million; 17m; 250m; or 600m?
  15. What are these: Lyceum, Palladium, Prince of Wales, Duchess, and Old Vic?
  16. According to conventional chessboard layout, what two squares may the white queen's knight land on with its first move, before any pawns have moved: c3 and d2; a3 and c3; f3 and h3; or e7 and h6?
  17. What compound, KClO3, commonly features in the heads of safety matches?
  18. A significant German reaction to the 2011 Fukushima crisis was to phase out what by 2022: GM (Genetically Modified) rice; Sharkfin imports; Nuclear power; or Karaoke bars?
  19. Indian corporation Tata bought what famous UK-twin-branded motor company from Ford in 2008?
  20. What are the two major tributaries of the river Nile?


quizballs 168 - free quiz answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


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