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quizballs 166 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. What is the state capital and largest city of Victoria, Australia?
  2. Spell the expression: Slieght of hand; Slyte of hand; Sleight of hand; or Slight of hand?
  3. What is the traditional name for a women's shoe held in place by a strap behind the ankle above the heel?
  4. The Hindi word campo, meaning press, is the origin of what word for a modern consumable product and related verb?
  5. Name the successful travel and 'e-tailer' website founded Martha Lane Fox and Brent Hoberman in 1998?
  6. 'Light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation' is better known by what modern word?
  7. What US city is called in Spanish 'The Meadows'?
  8. What is five-twelfths of seventy-two?
  9. In 2011 the US National Research Council suggested a clean-up of what exponentially increasing debris problem, using magnets, nets, and giant umbrellas: Coins in sewers; Litter in oceans; Junk in space; or Cans in countryside?
  10. What Latin expression, meaning 'great work', described the search for the secret of alchemy?
  11. Which one of these is not a commonly described stroke/stage of a piston in a four-stroke internal combustion engine: Intake, Compression, Spin, Power, Exhaust?
  12. In Judaism, loosely and originally what is a mitzvah: Commandment; Wedding; Celebration; or Drink?
  13. What mythical paradise and expression was conceived in James Hilton's 1933 novel Lost Horizon?
  14. How many degrees are in a right-angle?
  15. What number is Jamie Oliver's charity restaurant concept?
  16. The international corporate brands Slacker, Rdio and Spotify deliver primarily what services/product: Dating; Music; Financial; or Sportswear?
  17. The remains of what late-1800s Australian folk hero were identified by DNA in 2011?
  18. What country connected the ironically named Bushehr plant, the first nuclear power station in the Middle East, to its national grid in Sep 2011?
  19. What common internet term is a loose portmanteau of two words broadly meaning internet and diary?
  20. At what UK university was the country's first academic conference on heavy metal music: Cambridge; Oxford; Bath; or Wolverhampton?
  21. What is said to be the UK's loudest bird: Bittern; Magpie; Peacock; or Skylark?
  22. In 2011 Ford announced the European launch of programmable options in its cars to protect against increased risks among what group of drivers: Drunks; Teenagers; Men; or Women?
  23. The Cromwell Road murders refer to what serial killer couple?
  24. Yvonne, a runaway cow, evaded capture for three months during 2011 in which country?
  25. What iconic French handbags and scarves corporation achieved a remarkable 2011 market valuation of €28billion, equivalent to €3.3million per employee?
  26. What Brazilian originating dance and music in Portuguese means loosely 'new trend'?
  27. Stately home Cliveden, now a hotel, was a pool party venue for characters involved in what famous political scandal, named after the Secretary of State for War at its centre?
  28. In 2011 street thieves were filmed in Chinese cities using what innovative pickpocketing tools: Fishing rods; Barbecue tongs; Portable vacuum cleaners, or Chopsticks?
  29. What large corporation's annual conference is called 'f8'?
  30. What English expression for a long complex procedure derived from a old legal document called a ragman roll?


quizballs 166 - free quiz answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


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