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quizballs 165 - free 'numbers' general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


Each answer is a number.

The answers are the numbers 1-30. Each number appears only once.

(Obviously) the questions are not in the right order..

  1. Aside from an extra 385 yards, how many miles is a marathon race?
  2. If 27 solid cubes are formed into one big 3x3x3 cube how many individual cubes, at most, are visible from any single angle?
  3. In the movie Spinal Tap what number is: "Well, it is one louder.."?
  4. 'Via Dolorosa' is the (how many) Stations of the Cross, the Christian ritual tracing the key stages of the death of Jesus, beginning with his condemnation and ending with his being laid in the tomb?
  5. How many dots are on a (standard 1-6) die?
  6. The Russian 'Crimea Highway' trunk road from Moscow to the Crimea in Ukraine is the M (what)?
  7. What number, between two hyphens, is used by journalists, etc., to mark the end of a newspaper or broadcast story?
  8. How many unique dominoes are in a standard 'double six' set?
  9. What number turned on its side (rotated 90 degrees) is the symbol for infinity?
  10. The Marvel Comics superhero team led by Mr Fantastic was the Fanstastic (what)?
  11. What is the larger number of the binary system?
  12. Japanese haiku poems loosely comprise how many syllables?
  13. The Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn are respectively (what number)-and-half degrees north and south of the Equator?
  14. What number is Hurricane on the Beaufort Scale?
  15. Greek deka, and Latin decem, are what number?
  16. Conventionally how many books are in the Bible's New Testament?
  17. How many legs (or arms) are most usually on a starfish?
  18. A lunar month is an average (how many) days plus 12 hours, 44 minutes and 3 seconds?
  19. 'Roaring' refers to what pluralised number in describing a 1900s decade of western world prosperity?
  20. Traditionally what number of years anniversary is symbolized by silver?
  21. What is generally stated to be the number of major joints in the human body?
  22. What number is the French coded slang 'vingt-deux!', which warns that police are coming?
  23. What is the only number that equals twice the sum of its digits (digit means numerical symbol)?
  24. The early/mid-1900s American vaudeville comedy act was called the (how many) Stooges?
  25. Any line of three numbers in the 'magic square' (a 3 x 3 grid of the numbers 1-9) adds up to what?
  26. What is the international SPI resin/polymer identification coding system number (typically shown within a recycling triangle symbol) for polystyrene?
  27. Traditionally the diameter of the 45rpm gramophone record is (how many) inches?
  28. Pure gold is (how many)-carat?
  29. The expression 'On cloud (what)' refers to being blissfully happy?
  30. Each player begins with (how many) pieces in a game of chess?


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