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quizballs 163 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes



  1. What is the square root of 0.25?
  2. Spell the word: Desendant; Descendent; Descendant; or Decendent?
  3. What is the largest peninsula in the world?
  4. The Martin–Schultz scale is commonly used in physical anthropology to determine the colour/color of what in humans?
  5. How many new states were created when the USSR collapsed in 1991: Five; Seven; Ten; Twelve; or Fifteen?
  6. The UK concise 'daily briefing' newspaper produced by the Independent is called by what single lower-case letter?
  7. Name the former News of the World royal correspondent whose 2007 letter, published in 2011, (allegedly) seriously implicated NOTW leadership in the phone hacking scandal and cover-up?
  8. The staging of what enormous annual Afro-Caribbean cultural gathering was put in doubt following the London riots of August 2011?
  9. The nautical expression referring to capsizing is 'turning (what creature)'?
  10. The port city of Latakia was besieged during 2011 by its own government forces, of what nation?
  11. Gary McNair's one-man Edinburgh show in 2011 persuaded audience members to shred their own what, live on stage, as a demonstration of personal liberty: Banknotes; Driving Licences; or Underwear?
  12. What island nation was a Spanish possession known as Santiago, until becoming an English colony in 1655, and later fully independent in 1962?
  13. Under the ABO blood group system, what blood type can donate for blood transfusions safely to all other groups?
  14. What is two-thirds divided by one-third?
  15. Name the council housing estate location of the October 1985 riots and mob-killing of a policeman, in Tottenham, London, by which the events subsequently became known?
  16. Which of these is not a base metal: Iron, Nickel, Zinc, Gold?
  17. What Warner Brothers Mexican mouse cartoon character became a term for someone working or moving unusually quickly?
  18. Ashkenazi, Sephardi and Mizrahi are sub-groups of what ethnoreligious people?
  19. What 6-hours-per-day activity did researchers in Australia's Queensland University announce (in 2011) reduces life expectancy by five years?
  20. What airline postponed adverts claiming to '...go the extra mile to make you feel special...' after a photo of (allegedly) a pilot and crew member having sex in an aircraft cockpit became public in Aug 2011?
  21. What is the English translation of the ironically-named Ratón, a fearsome bull who killed three men in Spanish festivals?
  22. At $12.5bn, what phone corporation became Google's biggest acquisition in Aug 2011?
  23. The term 'redact' in relation to document publication means what: Edit/remove; Highlight; Copy; or Translate?
  24. What weed is named from the French 'lion's tooth'?
  25. Slate is an example of what sort of rock, whose name loosely means 'change in form'?
  26. From Latin meaning border, or edge, what traditional term refers to the brain structures including the hippocampus and amygdala, which support functions of emotion, behaviour, long term memory, and smell?
  27. What is the fuller name of the road surfacing material, tarmac?
  28. What three instruments are considered the mainstay of American 'Old-Time Music': Banjo/Fiddle/Guitar; Guitar/Bass/Drums; Drums/Flute/Bugle; or Piano/Cello/Harp?
  29. What style of cooking is named after a province of south-western China, and is noted for its spicy taste, especially from garlic, chili peppers, peanuts, sesame, and ginger?
  30. John Stacey Adams' 1963 motivational concept, which suggests people's motivation (and attitude) is strongly influenced by assessing effort and reward in a comparative outward sense, is called Adam's (what) Theory?


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