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quizballs 162 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. The Al Jazeera broadcasting organization is owned by and headquartered in what country?
  2. To the nearest 1000 metres, how deep is the ocean floor at its deepest?
  3. What car make (and bonus point, model) is associated with the 'Va Va Voom' advertising slogan?
  4. The mineral, diamond, is naturally what crystal shape: Trigonal; Hexagonal; Cubic, or Dodecahedronal?
  5. From Greek, meaning generation and knowledge, what word commonly refers to the study of family history?
  6. Medieval history, or the Middle Ages, loosely covers what centuries: 4th-8th; 5th-10th; 8th-12th; or 5th-15th?
  7. Spell the word: Ocurence; Occurrence; Occurrance, or Ocurrance?
  8. What is two-thirds of three-quarters?
  9. The New Caledonia archipelago in the south Pacific is a 'special collectivity' territory of which nation?
  10. Flipkart was founded and became a major online retailer, notably of books, in which country?
  11. What communications device was cited particularly by UK authorities as a significant factor in organizing the London riots of August 2011?
  12. What is the fruit of the tree technically known as Phoenix Dactylifera?
  13. The 18th Duchess of the House of Alba, Cayetana Fitz-James Stuart, holder of arguably more nobility titles than anyone globally, is what nationality?
  14. The geometric shape ◎ (a circle within another) is known by what name, also a four-legged Dickens character?
  15. What Irish talkshow host became a popular potential presidential candidate in August 2011?
  16. What Greek word gave us a common suffix referring to disease or illness, and a quality in something which prompts pity or sadness?
  17. The substances isoflurane, desflurane, nitrous oxide, and sevoflurane are used as what in medicine?
  18. Alan Greenspan is a former chairman of what organization: The United Nations; Greenpeace; The US Federal Reserve; or Amstrad corporation?
  19. An economic recession that repeats soon, prior to recovery, is called a 'Double (what?) Recession'? Dip; Blip; Trouble; Bubble or Whammy?
  20. Angel, Itatinga, Cuquenan, Ormeli, and Tysse are all what?
  21. In geology, Greywacke is classed as what form of sedimentary rock: Deep Ocean; Glacial; Volcanic; or Seaside?
  22. Arrange these UK Shipping Forecast areas in order, north to south: Irish Sea; Trafalgar; Wight; Biscay; Faroes?
  23. The Fischer–Saller scale, used in anthropology and medicine, determines the colour/color shades of what?
  24. Under the ABO blood group system, what blood type can receive blood transfusions from all other groups?
  25. Unlike base metals and silver, gold does not dissolve in what acid, enabling testing of the metal's presence, incidentally originating the expression 'acid test'?
  26. What is the medical word, from Greek meaning 'nasal mucus', for inflammation of the mucous membranes lining the nasal cavity, typically a symptom of a head cold or hay fever?
  27. What material traditionally forms the strung part of a violin or cello bow:
  28. What German pharmaceuticals corporation developed the first Aspirin medication in 1897, and retains the trademark in much of the world today?
  29. Name the market-leading discount buying website with a portmanteau name, which rejected a $6bn takeover bid from Google?
  30. Iridology, Rolfing, Alexander technique, and macrobiotics are types of what?


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