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quizballs 161 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. What European country's name means 'black mountain'?
  2. What Japanese word meaning 'person born before another' refers to a teacher or master of a subject, for example martial arts?
  3. What on a bird has a calamus, rachis and barbs?
  4. The name of what baby creature is given to a stilleto heel design of two inches or less?
  5. University of Portsmouth (UK) psychologists researching the quality of juries determined what to be the optimum number of people for effective debate: Four; Five; Six; or Seven?
  6. 'Spaseebo' (loose westernised spelling) means what in Russian: Hello; Thank you; Goodbye; or Sorry?
  7. Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Firefox are among the most globally popular what (in early 2000s)?
  8. Who led the Muslim army to victory against the Meccans in the Battle of Badr, 624AD?
  9. Swiss cheese Emmenthal (or Emmental) takes is name from: Its inventor; Its town of origin, 'Goats milk'; or 'Many holes'?
  10. Arthroscopy refers to surgery performed on what parts of the human body: Organs; Nerves; Joints; or Muscles?
  11. Chutzpah is Yiddish slang for: Money; Audacity; Jewellery (US Jewelry); or Nonsense?
  12. What Italian term, adopted into English, refers to a mixed language enabling communication between different national groups?
  13. The Levant, (deriving from 15th century French, lever, 'rising', relating to the Eastern sunrise) refers to what part of the world: Eastern Mediterranean; China; Scandinavia; or Australia?
  14. What popular soft drink of the mid 1900s took its name from the Jamaican/Spanish word zarza, a bramble from whose root it was flavoured?
  15. Associated with tailoring and elegance, what long narrow muscle runs across the front of the thigh, from the hip to the leg below the inside of the knee?
  16. Talaq is a form of what under Islamic (sharia) law: Punishment; Mourning; Marriage; or Divorce?
  17. Spell the word: Milennium; Millenium; Milenium; or Millennium?
  18. What is the full name of the illness known commonly by its abbreviation SARS?
  19. Founded in 1853 by London tailor John Emary, what famous raincoat/trenchcoat brand was popularised in the mid-1900s by film stars such as Humphrey Bogart and Sophia Loren?
  20. What is the Latin term for a reigning queen, often shown after first name as a formal title?
  21. What (degrees measurement) is the third (inner) angle of a triangle if the other two are 25 and 18 degrees?
  22. What corporation acquired the major UK-based online retailer, The Book Depository, in 2011?
  23. What sort of weapon did the historical 'fusilier' soldier carry: Sword; Musket; Pike; or Crossbow?
  24. What is the popular technical term for a speech sound or letter 'articulated with complete or partial closure of the vocal tract'?
  25. What old English portmanteau word is formed from two words meaning 'occur' and 'situation'?
  26. Dame Evelyn Glennie, who is profoundly deaf, is a world-renowned what: Athlete; Novelist; Artist; or Percussionist?
  27. What folktale runaway slave character removed a thorn from a lion's paw, which subsequently spared him in the arena, resulting in a pardon from the emperor?
  28. On a conventionally tuned guitar, what chord is made by fretting just the fifth (A) string on its 2nd fret?
  29. What symbol(s) does the comic book hero Captain America have on his shield and chest: Star; Eagle; Lightning flash; or Cross?
  30. What country controversially won the bid to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup?


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