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quizballs 156 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. The word 'Torchwood' is what in relation to 'Doctor Who': Acronym; Palindrome; Anagram; or Antithesis?
  2. How many sides (different straight outer edges, excluding shadow) does each '2' have in the London 2012 Olympics logo?
  3. The Grimaldi family has ruled which principality since 1297?
  4. 'Core' is a brand of which computer technology company?
  5. Alluding to Roget's Thesaurus, what is the 2002 rude dictionary named after Viz comic's 'Man on the Telly'?
  6. Which pottery company originally developed the designs Kutani Crane, Wild Strawberry and Jasperware?
  7. What is the common name of aluminium/aluminum oxide crystals used in grinding?
  8. Lachryma Christi, an old Italian sweet red wine translates to mean 'whose what'?
  9. Spell the word Privillege; Privelige; Privilege; Priviledge?
  10. Sibilance is what sort of sound: Thumping; Hissing; Wailing; or Scraping?
  11. What voltage is the common zinc-carbon or alkaline AAA battery (also coded LR03, E92, AM4 among others)?
  12. Mackeson is a traditional bottled or canned beer of what sort: Bitter; Lager; Stout; or Shandy?
  13. A ploughman's lunch traditionally features what main foodstuff with bread?
  14. Scuppernong, named after a N Carolina USA river, is a variety of what: Bean; Melon; Honey; of Grape?
  15. What is a ghost, related to corrective lenses and the colours/colors of the rainbow?
  16. What legal term equates to 'being caught red-handed' and translates as 'in blazing crime'?
  17. What does not appear on a Southern Comfort whiskey liqueur label: Horse-drawn carriage; Paddle-steamer; Dog; or House?
  18. Erratum is a list of what at the end of a publication?
  19. In cooking what is/are dhal?
  20. Dextral refers to what: Right; Left; Both; or All?
  21. The Inca people lived in which continent before conquest by the Spanish?
  22. What is an inch in centimetres: 1.38; 1.75; 2.54; or 2.93?
  23. Laudanum is an old medicine made from which drug: Opium; Cannabis; Tobacco; or Aspirin?
  24. Toledo is a high quality what made in the Spanish town of that name: Bread; Wine; Sword; or Car?
  25. What sort of lottery takes its name from a tumbling motion/device?
  26. A turbine is essentially a what, driven by water or gas, etc: Lever; Piston; Pump; or Wheel?
  27. What is the ancient process by which materials such as metal or glass are heated and then cooled slowly to ease forces produced by shaping?
  28. An integer is what sort of number: Decimal; Fraction; Odd; Even; or Whole?
  29. According to official records what was the first song ever sung in space?
  30. What widely used solvent and compound with the symbol (CH3)2CO smells of pear-drops and is in nail polish remover?


quizballs 156 - free quiz answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


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