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quizballs 155 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. A famous 1979 comedy film line is "He's not the Messiah, he's a very (what two words?).." ? (And what is the movie?)
  2. Name the Trinidad and Tobago cabinet minister who resigned as vice president of FIFA in 2011 amid ongoing ethics investigations?
  3. Dyscalculia is less technically known as (what?)-blindness: Colour/color; Snow; Number; or Symbol?
  4. Sukhoi and Tupolev are aircraft manufacturers of what nation?
  5. How many dots make up the BlackBerry symbol logo?
  6. A cheap dangerous homemade heroin-substitute drug popular in Russia is nicknamed what, referring to its ruinous affect on users' skins?
  7. In geology, igneous refers to rock formed by what effect: Earthquake; Erosion; Volcanic; or Decay?
  8. What is the cube root of 1728?
  9. Spell the word: Cemetery; Cemetary; Cematery; or Cematory?
  10. Refraction is the change of direction of a wave such as light due to change of its what when passing from one medium to another: Speed; Temperature; Wavelength; or Humidity?
  11. The becquerel (Bq) is a unit of measurement of what?
  12. What is the chess playing robot called in TV's Thunderbirds?
  13. In 1929 Edwin Hubble formulated a law in his name which states (among other complexities) that what recede from an observer at a rate proportional to their distance to that observer: Clouds; Sea-waves; Shotgun pellets; or Galaxies?
  14. It takes roughly how long for the Earth's rotating axis to complete a full circle (precession): 26,000 years; 365 days; 30 days; or one day?
  15. The crossed-ropes acting as ladders to masts on old sailing ships are called: Catlines; Ratlines, Batlines, or Matlines?
  16. In Greek mythology, name the Gorgon monster with snakes for hair, slain by Perseus?
  17. A dosimeter measures human absorption of what over a time period: Nicotine; Alcohol; Ionizing radiation; or Sunlight?
  18. What is a big acoustic guitar, a type of old battleship, and a thick coat cloth, which means 'fear nothing'?
  19. The human disease dropsy involves the accumulation of what in body cavities and tissue: Blood; Watery fluid; Acid crystals; or Lice?
  20. What traditional confectionary takes its name from Greek glukus, sweet, and rhiza, root?
  21. What technical term, also slang for street, refers to the forces resisting the forward movement of an aircraft?
  22. What is an S-shaped roof tile, named after a cooking vessel?
  23. Bir, iki, uc, dort, bes (loosely westernised) are 1-5 in what language: Russian; Tibetan; Romanian; or Turkish?
  24. First named in French, Route du Roi (King's Highway) is the origin of the name of what London parkside track?
  25. What is the mythical conjuring trick for which Lord Northbrook failed to find claim or demonstration on offering a £10,000 prize in 1875?
  26. South Korean Ban Ki-moon was reappointed unopposed in June 2011 as head (secretary-general) of what organization?
  27. Prior to 1968 it was illegal in the UK to impersonate a what on a theatrical stage: Living member of the Royal Family; Lesbian; Christian god; or Policeman?
  28. What technical term refers to the minimum number of (voting) members, shareholders, directors, etc., required at a meeting to be able to make valid decisions, and therefore for the meeting to proceed?
  29. What term for an unorthodox or crazy person is interpreted by some to refer instead to a viper in Lewis Carroll's Alices Adventures in Wonderland?
  30. What elements are in the compound nitric acid?


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