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quizballs 153 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. What is the common name of the cooking ingredient from the hard fat of kidneys and loins of oxen, famously sold under the Atora brand?
  2. In the TV series Thunderbirds, what colour/colour are Brains' spectacle rims: Black; Brown; Blue; or Green?
  3. In six-dot Braille (English language), what letter and number are represented by a single dot, top left?
  4. What did Frenchman Dr Pierre Dukan devise which bears his name, and after achieving great popularity in France, began to spread internationally in the early 2000s?
  5. What motor company's badge contains a red cross and a green snake?
  6. What popular sci-fi creations were described by Dr Who's executive producer in 2011 as "...the most reliably defeatable enemies in the universe..." ?
  7. The terms biconvex, biconcave, positive meniscus, negative meniscus, and plano-convex refer to types of what?
  8. Sesame seeds are a very good dietary source of what elemental mineral: Magnesium; Iron; Zinc; or Mercury?
  9. In what video game brand does the Lara Croft character most famously feature?
  10. According to Unicef (at 2011) what percentage of Afghan women die in pregnancy or childbirth: 1%; 3%; 5% or 12½%?
  11. Name the shipping line which owned the Titanic? (Bonus points: Name the Titanic shipbuilders? And in which city was the Titanic built?)
  12. A Gay Girl in Damascus is the title of a hoax blog by fictional feminist/freedom campaigner Amina Abdallah Alaf al Omari, who in June 2011 was said to be based and abducted in which country?
  13. Who, age 30, wrote the historically significant anti-semetic diatribe known as 'the Gemlich letter' on 16 Sep 1919?
  14. Which UK city hosts the Summer Sundae music festival?
  15. What island is noted for its biodiversity and 80% unique wildlife due to more than 80 million years' isolation from continental land mass?
  16. Violeta Chamorro, Michelle Bachelet, Laura Chinchilla, and Dilma Rousseff share what achievement? Olympic record-holders; National leadership; Best-selling authors; Film noir stardom; or Diana Ross's Supremes?
  17. What convicted fraudster's underpants were auctioned in 2011 for $200, with other belongings, to compensate victims of his $65m Ponzi scheme swindle?
  18. Name the two biggest producers of cars globally in 2010, and for several years prior?
  19. A blue circle with a white centre was introduced in 2006 as the international symbol for what human metabolic disease?
  20. What woman's name was given to the horrendously abusive laundry asylums for 'fallen women' run by the Catholic Church, starting in 18th century Ireland, spreading to other countries and persisting well into the 1900s?
  21. On a standard piano what normally is the lowest note?
  22. Who is Britain's longest serving consort?
  23. What multinational high street vendor's logo was developed from an old Norse woodcut of a twin-tailed siren or mermaid with flowing hair and crown?
  24. What letter was added to Wii by Nintendo in 2011 when naming its next generation gaming console?
  25. What is Julia Donaldson's hugely successful character and book, based on a Chinese folk tale of a fox that borrows the terror of a tiger?
  26. What modern system of a very old messaging method entails red and yellow ('Oscar') at sea, and white and blue ('Papa') on land?
  27. What word, from Sanskrit for 'sacred knowledge', refers to early Indian scripture, and specifically the four collections known as Rig, Sama, Yajur and Atharva, forming the basic teachings of Hinduism?
  28. What childplay and teaching-aid modelling product did William Harbutt devise and produce in 1900, in an old flour mill near Bath, UK?
  29. French for an additive, and a Venezuelan liberator of Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru from Spain, what was the currency of Ecuador before adopting the US dollar in the early 2000s?
  30. What controlled recreational drug has the chemical formula C20H26N2O?


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