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quizballs 151 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. What is the Japanese maker of soy sauce whose name means loosely 'ten thousand tortoise shells'?
  2. To what note is the fourth string (fourth highest in pitch) on a standard six-string guitar normally tuned?
  3. What famous 1945 book includes the first of seven commandments, "Whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy."?
  4. What chemical element has the symbol S?
  5. Yandex, in 2011 probably the largest internet company flotation after Google in 2004, was founded and dominates web searching in which country?
  6. What foodstuff, consumed by people for at least thirty millennia, is referred to as the 'staff of life'?
  7. The fourth film in what movie series is subtitled 'On Stranger Tides'?
  8. What country announced a sales ban on the yeast extract Marmite in 2011 due to its law forbidding vitamin additives: Brazil; Denmark; USA; or China?
  9. As at 2010, how many bicycles are in the world, compared to motor cars: Half; Same; Double; Treble?
  10. In what sport did Barack Obama and David Cameron partner during a UK state visit in 2011?
  11. Name the UK state owned bookmaker, set up by Winston Churchill when Chancellor of the Exchequer in 1928?
  12. Physicists reported in 2011 after the most detailed study to date that the shape of the electron particle is a perfect what: Cube; Sphere; Pyramid; or Dodecahedron?
  13. The elusive and increasingly rare omnivorous bird, tetrax tetrax, nicknamed in French 'the farting chicken', is more commonly called the Little what?
  14. Name the British scientist author of the best-selling book A Brief History of Time?
  15. Christine Lagarde emerged as a candidate to succeed 'DSK' as head of what organization following his 2011 arrest on rape charges?
  16. What, mainly, is the 'lava' in a conventional lava lamp: Oil; Wax; Mercury; or Milk?
  17. What manufacturer, sharing its name with a more hi-tech mode of transport, recalled its US pushchair products in 2009 and paid substantial compensation elsewhere following (alleged) injuries to children's fingers in hinges?
  18. The quirky activity in the news in Australia due to its first fatality, previously called 'the lying down game', became an internet photo craze now known by what less obvious name?
  19. A threat to air travel in 2011, Grimsvotn is a: Pilot's union; Terrorist group; Hurricane; or Icelandic volcano?
  20. Tamara Mellon co-founded (with the person after whom the company is named) what fashion label, sold for £500m in 2011?
  21. What strongly branded devolutionary initiative, central to the UK Tory Party's 2010 general election campaign, was relaunched (again, after three previous attempts) in 2011?
  22. Manal al-Sherif was arrested in Saudi Arabia in 2011 for posting a protest video of herself doing what, which is effectively banned for women: Sunbathing; Driving; Smoking; or Running?
  23. What 2008 internet start-up company did Twitter buy in 2011 that enables customized use of its microblogging service?
  24. What colour/color is used to describe a seared steak (of beef) - cooked very quickly and very rare, just one stage from being raw: Red; Blue; Green; or Pink?
  25. Originating in French, from the French word for bicycle and the Greek word for course, what is a track cycling arena called?
  26. A 2011 exposé revealed that a 2007 party in Budapest held by German insurance company Hamburg-Mannheimer for its top sales people included awards of what, colour-coded according to graded entitlement: Cars; Drugs; Islands; or Prostitutes?
  27. In the context of financial services mis-selling, what product is abbreviated to PPI?
  28. What world renowned academy, originated in 1741, relocated to Camberley, Surrey in 1947, has the motto, "Serve to Lead"?
  29. Without looking and cheating - what three letters are conventionally on the number 5 button of a phone?
  30. When acid rain is caused by power generation plants, normally what acid does it contain?


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