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quizballs 150 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. A cachalot - an old French word for tooth - is better known as what creature, the largest living toothed animal?
  2. What do the 'Int' and 'el' stand for in the computer chip manufacturer Intel Coporation name?
  3. Created by the Hoover Dam, what is the largest manmade lake/reservoir in the US?
  4. From the Greek word sphygmós, meaning pulse, what is the inflatable cuff pressure meter called which measures human blood pressure?
  5. In geometry and mathematics, what is an angle of less than 90 degrees: Obtuse; Acute; Vulgar; or Mean?
  6. Rathlin Island, off the Northern Ireland coast, was refuge to which Scottish King in 1306?
  7. Greek jeweller Sotirio Voulgaris founded which luxury goods brand, noted for its capitalized branding including Latin-style V for a U?
  8. Whose outburst, (paraphrased as) "Who will rid me of this turbulent priest?" led to whose murder in December 1170? (two names required)
  9. Where are the Carnac Stones, the largest megalithic site of its kind anywhere, containing over 3,000 huge rocks erected by pre-Celtic people c.4,000-3,300BC: Anglesey; Cornwall; Brittany; or Glasgow?
  10. How many litres (or liters) are in a cubic metre?
  11. As at 2011 what four countries have the world's largest railway networks?
  12. Which planet (in terms of its orbit) is between Saturn and Neptune?
  13. Name the founder of psychoanalysis who wrote the The Interpretation of Dreams, and Beyond the Pleasure Principle?
  14. In 1968 the Treaty of Tlatelolco was drafted by the nations of Latin America and the Caribbean to keep their region of the world free of what?
  15. What is the odd one out: Katana, Tamino, Pamina, Papageno?
  16. The team sport Bandy (or Russian Hockey) is played on what surface?
  17. A popular 1960s TV cowboy series, what is a cutaneous covering that has not been tanned?
  18. Known also in the US and elswhere as President, what traditionally and descriptively is the most senior position in a company and other hierarchical organizations?
  19. Stephen Covey's first hugely popular guide to business and life is called The Seven 'what' of Highly Successful People: Secrets; Habits; Lessons; or Teachings?
  20. The Han ethnic group of people, the largest in the world, is native to which country?
  21. What is Tesco's US 'neighborhood' grocery chain brand, founded in 2007 with HQ in California?
  22. Traditionally the largest book publishers trade show in the world, where in Germany is the (city name) Book Fair held each October?
  23. In Western Christianity what is the first day of Lent: Easter Monday; Shrove Tuesday (or Mardi Gras); Ash Wednesday; or Palm Sunday?
  24. Absinthe, Raki, Ouzo, and Sambuca are liqueurs/liquors chiefly flavoured with what? (bonus point for the countries nowadays mainly associated with each drink..)
  25. What is the approximate speed of sound through seawater: 45 metres per second; 525m/s; 1560m/s; or 7,200m/s?
  26. The terms: Mollweide's Homolographic, Interrupted, Mercator's, and Polar Zenithal refer to different what?
  27. The traditionally shaped sound-holes in instruments such as violins and cellos are referred to by what letter of the alphabet?
  28. The early 18th century testing and stamping of precious metals at Goldsmith's Hall in London gave rise to the name of what global quality system and more loosely a sign of quality?
  29. What animal normally represents the box of low market share and low market growth in the Boston Matrix (or 'BSG Matrix' or 'Growth-Share Matrix') marketing model: Bull; Dog; Bear; or Elephant?
  30. To what countries do these two-letter country-code domains belong: .AU; .ES; .SE; .TR; .ZA ?



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