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quizballs 149 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. What large media corporation suffered a serious hacking attack on its popular gaming and entertainment websites in May 2011, compromising personal details of over 100 million users?
  2. The Imperial War Museum in London was originally based in which building at Sydenham Hill, famously destroyed by fire in 1936?
  3. The UK Millennium Cohort Study of 10,000 babies born 2000-01 found a clear correlation between positive childhood behaviour/behavior and what: Thumbsucking; Breastfeeding; Cats; or Music?
  4. The Stanley Cup, for which various USA and Canada clubs compete and said to be the oldest sports trophy in N America, is awarded in which sport?
  5. An Adder's Mouth is what type of plant: Chile-pepper; Ivy; Orchid; or Cabbage?
  6. The controversial method of pumping water, sand and chemicals into shale rock to extract natural gas or oil is known as what: Cracking; Fracking; Hacking; or Jacking?
  7. What is the Strait between Sicily and mainland Italy?
  8. The Latin phrase 'Ecce Homo' means Behold the what: House; Man; Murderer; or Homosexual?
  9. Completed in 1985 what City of London banking centre became the subject of opposing demolition and architectural heritage protection efforts in 2011?
  10. What political first lady appeared in Woody Allen's 2011 film Midnight in Paris?
  11. The LEAF Award (as at 2011, fully the Emirates Glass LEAF Award) is a prize awarded for what?
  12. Medicine, crystal and stress are all very different types of what?
  13. In British currency slang, how much is a 'Monkey' worth?
  14. US merchant and statesman John Hancock is remembered for his large and stylish signature on which document?
  15. In electronic communications and broadcasting what do the abbreviations AM and FM stand for?
  16. What is the informal term for a bullet with a hollowed tip so as to increase spread and damage on impact?
  17. In the Mood and Moonlight Serenade were popular hits during the 2nd World War for which band leader's orchestra?
  18. The fungal infection dermatophytosis is better known by what misleading name?
  19. In Europe, which long-standing car model replaced the Ford Anglia, its US counterpart 'compact' and 'world car' replacing the Pinto?
  20. What term referring to a unofficial ski run is a metaphor for unrestricted creative activity which departs from a plan or agenda?
  21. Derived from the description of a skinned herb, what old English word means a bald-headed man?
  22. In geology, particles of what range from 0.0625mm to 2mm?
  23. An Athenian legislator from 620BC known for his severity gave rise to what word describing harsh punishment or law?
  24. What UK city is a person metaphorically 'sent to' when ignored or ostracized by a group?
  25. Madison Avenue is an American term for what industry?
  26. Which compound, from the bark of the Cinchona tree, and used in tonic water, was the first effective drug used to treat malaria?
  27. In the Bible, after killing his brother Abel, Cain fled to the land of where: Cod; Hod; Mod; Nod; Plod; Rod; Sod; Tod; or God?
  28. In which country was Osama bin Laden born?
  29. On a map an isobath connects points of equal what: Forestation; Prevaling Winds; Rock Type; or Underwater Depth?
  30. Which metallic element is refined from Cassiterite, SnO2?


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