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quizballs 147 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. Cosmology experts assert there are more stars in the universe than what: Hairs on a human's head; Blades of grass on a football pitch; People on Earth; or Sand grains on all Earth's beaches?
  2. What iconic Wrigley brand, launched in 1893, is considered the first product bought using a barcode scanner?
  3. Penthesilea, Myrine and Hippolyte were queens of which legendary warrior people?
  4. A solution of magnesium hydroxide in water is better known by what name?
  5. Said by many to be his first and weakest play, Shakespeare's comedy was titled: The Two Gentlemen of: Verona; Gerona; Samoa; or Barcelona?
  6. In the Bible, which of the apostles refused to believe in the resurrection until he had seen and touched Christ?
  7. Latrodectism is a clinical syndrome caused by the bite of which creature?
  8. Emily Watson played which famous cellist in the film 'Hilary and Jackie'?
  9. Conkers are the fruit of which tree?
  10. Who or what is Goodluck Jonathan: Jonathan Ross's yacht; An apple named after Jonathan Dimbleby; Crufts Supreme Champion dog; or 14th President of Nigeria?
  11. What corporation (as at 2011) owns and operates the Norton internet security product range?
  12. Which composer (of the Barber of Sevllle and William Tell operas) said of which other composer (of the The Ring of the Nibelung operas) that he "... has wonderful moments and dreadful quarters of an hour..." ?
  13. According to a survey by the charity Sustain, what were respectively (at 2011) the most and least liked of insects in the UK?
  14. Which vast retail corporation blamed a 'cottage industry of profit seekers' for exploiting and causing the effective withdrawal in 2011 of its strongly promoted 'price-check and refund-the-difference' offer to shoppers?
  15. Noi Boi International Airport serves (and rhymes with the second syllable of) which Asian city?
  16. Beehive, Chonmage and Hoxton Fin are types of what: Wrestling throws; Cocktails; Logburners; or Hairstyles?
  17. A codicil is a supplement to what sort of legal document?
  18. In humans, alopecia is the loss of what: Memory; Hair; Eyesight; or Hearing?
  19. What is a plane figure with nine straight sides and nine angles?
  20. The most northerly point of mainland Europe is in which country?
  21. The classic 1892 comedy novel written by George and Weedon Grossmith is 'Diary of a 'what': Somebody; Nobody; Bodyguard; or Dead body?
  22. How many cubic inches are in a cubic foot?
  23. Which North African country's flag is just the colour green?
  24. Israeli Acute Paralysis Virus (IAPV) affects which insect?
  25. Second only to the conductor, traditionally which instrument does the leader of an orchestra play?
  26. Black, Green and Oolong are types of what?
  27. Winnie Madikizela are the first names of the ex-wife of which iconic leader?
  28. Andre Serrano's controversial 1987 artwork destroyed by 'anti-blasphemists' in 2011 in Avignon, France, was subtitled 'Immersion (what)': Poo God; Piss Christ; Spit Mary; or Snot Pope?
  29. What is the only country in the world not required to have its name on its postage stamps?
  30. What is the chemical formula for laughing gas (nitrous oxide)?


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