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quizballs 143 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. The Narcissus plant is otherwise known by which popular name?
  2. A 'boxcar' is a term for rolling which number on the dice in a game of craps?
  3. Ganymede is the largest moon of which planet?
  4. Europe's largest solar power plant is at Sanlucar la Mayor in which country: Portugal; Spain; France; or Romania?
  5. Four generations of the Aquino family, including Benigno Aquino III who became president in 2010, have featured strongly in the governance of which country?
  6. Mexican artist Diego Rivera painted the 'Man at the Crossroads' mural on which vast building complex in New York City named after a famous oil and banking family?
  7. What UK-based organisation is (at 2011) the world's largest insurance market?
  8. In chess how many pieces on the board may pass over squares occupied by other pieces?
  9. 18 year-old Fiona Butler, in an unpaid photoshoot, featured in Athena's iconic 1970's bare-bottom poster of what sport?
  10. The Japanese high-speed Shinkansen train service is commonly known outside Japan by what name?
  11. Podagra is the technical term for which medical condition in humans, often associated with heavy drinking?
  12. Thomas Seymour married the widow of which monarch in 1547, previously his brother-in-law?
  13. Elizabeth Taylor made a fortune from what business aside from acting: Horse breeding; Limousine hire; Perfume; or Vegetarian cookbooks?
  14. How many senators make up the US Senate?
  15. A Novocastrian, is a native of which English and Australian cities?
  16. What is the correct spelling of the word: Reminisance; Reminiscence; Remanisense; or Remenissance?
  17. The Turbine Hall, which hosts artwork of vast scale, is in which London art gallery?
  18. Who wrote the play The Importance of Being Earnest?
  19. In the Netherlands in 1932 Adriaan Van Well founded which acronymic international grocery chain business, represented by a fir-tree logo?
  20. Mento, a style of folk music similar to Calypso which has influnced ska and reggae, originated in which country?
  21. Podophobia is the irrational fear of which part of the body?
  22. What type of creature is a Storm-petrel?
  23. What is both an ancient twisted metal necklace and a force causing rotation?
  24. In the children's stories of Thomas the Tank Engine, what is the name of the Fat Controller?
  25. In motoring in the UK, when road tax is not required for a vehicle because it is not in use, what does SORN stand for?
  26. Ganesh, Murugan and their father Shiva feature in which religion: Hindu; Islam; Christianity; or Shinto?
  27. Which international statesman was voted 'Left-Hander of the Year' in 2008 by the Left-Handers Club?
  28. Dating back to 1801, what is the more common name for a circle graph, said to be the most commonly used graph in business and media?
  29. Who wrote the poems If, Gunga Din, Mandalay, and The Female of the Species?
  30. Where mega means a million (106) what commonly used prefix means a millionth (10-6)?


quizballs 143 - free quiz answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


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