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quizballs 142 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. Butterfly, saucer pass and waffle are terms used in which sport?
  2. US traitor Iva Toguri d'Aquino was better known by what name?
  3. What is the subtitle of Shakespeare's play 'Twelfth Night': Now Or Never; What You Will; As You Were; or Whatever?
  4. In the financial world, what does GNP stand for?
  5. The Hubbard Medal, whose past winners include Sir Ernest Shackleton, Charles Lindbergh, and the Apollo 11 crew, is awarded by which society?
  6. According to the Bible, how old was Methuselah when he fathered Lamech?
  7. What do the following abbreviations stand for on a British Ordnance Survey map (clues in brackets): BS (queue); Cvt (pray); SB (rail); TG (pay)?
  8. The World Heritage city of Kandy is on which Asian island, whose name means in Sanskrit 'venerable island', and whose previous colonial name is strongly associated with tea?
  9. What is Ananas Comosus, defined as as 'multiple fruit consisting of coalesced berries'?
  10. The D H Lawrence novel The Plumed Serpent is set in which country, bordered on the south-east by Guatemala, Belize and the Caribbean Sea?
  11. Which publishing firm did Carmen Callil found in 1973, whose name means a domineering woman?
  12. The Sager House (previously The Sager Palace, and called locally Sagerska Huset) is the official residence of the Prime Minister of which European country?
  13. Roman Emperor Claudius was said to have been poisoned by a dish of what: Oysters; Mushrooms; Sheeps' eyes; or Bananas?
  14. What colour/color is Mr Bump in Hargreaves' Mr Men series of children's cartoon books?
  15. What was the very Greek middle name of Greek shipping tycoon Aristotle Onassis?
  16. What Russian word meaning 'restructuring' was a political movement in the 1980s?
  17. Benesh Notation is the written language of which activity?
  18. Which toy company produced a monkey called Jocko, and put elephant-design buttons in its toys' ears as a measure against counterfeits?
  19. Who, as the first chairman of the British Rail Board, infamously directed the huge reduction in railway lines across the UK in the 1960s?
  20. What is an early sacrificial move in chess, usually of a pawn, to gain advantage, which has entered language with similar wider meaning?
  21. In 1901 the artists Wassily Kandinsky, Rolf Niczky, Waldemar Hecker, and Wilhelm Hüsgen founded the progressive Phalanx art group in which country?
  22. Gambrius, legendary King of Flanders, is the unofficial patron and mythical inventor of which drink: Wine; Cider; Beer; or Cola?
  23. Which strait, named after a famous Portuguese-Spanish explorer, separates Chile and Tierra del Fuego?
  24. 2 inches x 1.5 inches (52x37mm) are the dimensions of which paper size: A1; A6; A7; or A9?
  25. Cinnabar, having the symbol HgS, and being highly toxic, is the common ore of which metal?
  26. Which vegetable, of the species Brassica Oleracea, has the varieties Nevada and Canberra?
  27. Southern Distilleries Ltd, the world's most southern distillery, produces Hokonui Moonshine, named after the mountains where the illicit version of the drink first appeared, in which country?
  28. Founded in the 1930s, what iconic cigarette-lighter brand diversified into other products (notably cologne and clothes) for the first time over 70 years later?
  29. The game 'Spillikins' is commonly known by which other name?
  30. Question 17 of the English version of the UK 2011 National Census is blank because it's a: Design error; Welsh language question only on the Welsh census; Social experiment; Device to gain off-guard feedback?


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