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quizballs 139 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. Habanos SA, global Cuban cigar distributor, announced that what nation had overtaken Germany to join France and Spain in the world's top three consumers of their products?
  2. South African Ron Hickman, (1932-11), designer of classic Lotus cars including the Elan and Europa, also designed what multi-million-selling DIY gadget?
  3. What is the commonly used term for the subtle form of advertising by which brands are featured in films and TV programmes?
  4. Seen around the world on marked police cars, what is the distinctive chequered pattern named the after the Glasgow police chief who first introduced it in 1932?
  5. Mistral, chinook, zonda, and willy-willy are types of which planet Earth feature?
  6. Which fashion house sacked designer John Galliano in 2011, after his racist rant at fellow customers in a Paris cafe?
  7. Libya was a colony of which European country prior to World War II?
  8. Which tropical fish, named after an iconic four-legged beast, has the ability to regenerate its fins, skin and heart?
  9. Given that a leap year (when February has 29 not 28 days) happens every four years, how long actually does it take the Earth to orbit the sun (it's not 365 days exactly - it's 365 days and how many hours, to the closest hour)?
  10. The defence minister of which European country resigned in 2011, after he was found to have copied large parts of his 2006 university doctorate thesis?
  11. What 1790 poem by Robert Burns inspired the naming of a hat, and also indirectly the tea clipper Cutty Sark?
  12. Born in 1678, which Italian composer of choral works, over forty operas, and notably The Four Seasons violin concertos, was known as The Red Priest because of his auburn hair?
  13. Which Indian city, second largest in Rajasthan state behind capital Jaipur, after which styles of trousers and boots were named in the late 1800s, is known as 'Sun City' and the 'Blue City'?
  14. English cartoon character John Bull was provided with a sister called Peg (by creator Dr John Arbuthnott), representing which country of Great Britain?
  15. Two former Argentinian military leaders went on trial in February 2011, accused of stealing what from political prisoners: Gold teeth; Houses; Identities; or Babies?
  16. What does the Latin phrase 'Vox populi' (shortened often in media to vox pop) translate to in English?
  17. In global warming science, what does ODP (a measurement of environmental damage caused by a chemical) stand for?
  18. Named after chairs found at the Bargello Palace in Florence, Italy, what type of handicraft is Bargello?
  19. The North African social uprisings of 2010-11 caused the successive departure of leaders Zine El Abidine Ben Ali and Mohammed Ghannouchi from which country?
  20. A suplex is an offensive move in which professional sport?
  21. What religious term originally referring to the the most educated and literate officials and leaders within the church, evolved into a workplace title nowadays positioned at the other end of an organizational hierarchy?
  22. In which city was scientist Marie Curie born, whose residents are known as Varsovians?
  23. The sponges in a Battenberg cake are usually which two colours?
  24. A clavicle is a: Musical instrument; Five-wheeled 'bicycle'; Human collar-bone; or Church pulpit?
  25. An ogdoad is a group or set of how many?
  26. Which two alcoholic drinks combine to make a 'Dog's Nose'?
  27. Which poem opens with the lines: "To begin at the beginning. It is spring, moonless night in the small town, starless and bible black..."?
  28. Aviator and explorer, Richard Byrd, is said to have been the first person to reach where by air, in 1929?
  29. Which planet in our solar system is almost twice as far away from the Sun as Jupiter?
  30. In 2011 a London ice cream parlour was in the news for selling an ice cream at £14.99 a scoop made from what: Sharkfin soup; Rhino-horn paste; Beluga caviar; or Human breast milk?


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