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quizballs 137 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes



  1. A geography term from French and Arabic, what is an erg made of: Water; Rock; Ice; or Sand?
  2. Which famous Belfast born guitarist, who played with Thin Lizzy for a while, died on 6th February 2011?
  3. Ex-US president George W Bush cancelled a trip to which European country in February 2011 due to fears that he could be arrested for ordering the torture of prisoners?
  4. Which Formula One racing driver was injured in a high-speed rally accident in Italy in February 2011?
  5. What was the codename of the Iraqi agent who admitted lying to US intelligence services about the existence of weapons of mass destruction, and providing US/UK justification for the Iraq War?
  6. Clas Ohlson is a hugely popular DIY store chain based in which country?
  7. Hatha, Jnana, Bhakti and Karma are all branches of which activity?
  8. In British politics, what is the only one of the 'Four Great Offices of State' never (at at Feb 2011) held by a woman?
  9. A parody of Hitler and Nazism, what was Charlie Chaplin's first talking feature film?
  10. Which European capital city is known as 'Pearl of the Danube'?
  11. What family of tectosilicate minerals, named from the German for 'field', is the most abundant in the Earth's crust?
  12. Who won the American NFL Super Bowl in February 2011?
  13. An alkali turns red litmus paper what colour/color?
  14. Menudo, a soup-like dish featuring tripe (beef stomach) and chili peppers, is from which country?
  15. The charter for what international organization was signed in San Francisco, in June 1945?
  16. The popular children's Christian hymn composed by Nellie Talbot around 1900 is widely known by its opening line, "Jesus Wants Me for a..." (what?): Lifetime; Sunbeam; Fortnight; or Laugh?
  17. How many squares are in the grid of a Sudoku number puzzle (this is not a trick question - individual squares - not including other 'squares' which could be formed from blocks of individual squares)?
  18. What English monarch was born in 1533?
  19. Who wrote the play Man and Superman?
  20. Invented in 1987, what game for two players, played on a hexagonal board with 61 spaces and 28 marbles (14 per player - aiming to remove 6 of the opponent's marbles) shares its name with a decorative marine mollusc?
  21. If a leaf is obcordate, what shape is it?
  22. The ground-dwelling mesite bird is confined to which island, fourth-largest globally, behind Greenland, New Guinea and Borneo (given that Australia is regarded as a continent, not an island)?
  23. In Arthurian and Welsh Romance legendary stories, who was the faithful wife of Geraint/Gereint?
  24. How many stars are on the national flag of The Cook Islands?
  25. What is the Italian brandy (whose name means 'grape stalk') distilled from fermented residue of grapes used in winemaking?
  26. Producing meibum, an oily sealant, where on the human head are the meibomian glands?
  27. Storm Surge, a new ride at the the UK's Thorpe Park in Surrey, was relocated due to it being reportedly what: Unsafe; Haunted; Sun-facing; or Built on sand?
  28. What common term for a man and increasingly pluralized for a group of people arose from a 1605 conspiracy?
  29. Colin Firth starred in the film of the famous book, Girl with a Pearl.. (what?): Earring; Necklace; Nosering; or Drumkit?
  30. In the Bible, what are the (English names of the) five books of the Pentateuch, also called the Torah and the Five Books of Moses?


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