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quizballs 136 - free misnomer general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes

This is the Quizballs expanded version of what is commonly called the 'not-so-obvious quiz', or 'the easiest quiz in the world'.. We call it a misnomer quiz. A misnomer is a wrong name, from Old French, mesnommer (mes = wrongly, nommer = to name).

  1. From which country did French horns originate?
  2. What mineral is an Alaskan diamond?
  3. The Portuguese Man o' War (a sea-dwelling jellyfish-like invertebrate) alludes to a warship design devised in which country?
  4. In the story of Cinderella (the French medieval version, which gave us the modern Western version) what were Cinderella's slippers made from?
  5. What is the main ingredient of a mince pie?
  6. From what type of creature is Bombay duck made?
  7. What colour is orange blossom?
  8. According to the Bible how many (of each) sheep, cows and goats were taken onto Noah's Ark?
  9. Where did Panama hats originate?
  10. What type of animal inspired the creation of Bugs Bunny, Brer Rabbit, and the Easter Bunny?
  11. Where did tulips come from originally - specifically what (past) capital city and country exported the first tulips?
  12. What type of building is a picture palace?
  13. What is the main fruit ingredient of the traditional (orange) Jaffa Cake biscuit?
  14. What type of creature is a prairie dog?
  15. What meat is hamburger made from?
  16. How many people were in the band The Thompson Twins?
  17. What type of alcoholic drink is barley wine?
  18. What is lava bread?
  19. What is the main ingredient of the dish Welsh Rabbit?
  20. What colour is the black box on a plane?
  21. In what continent did camels first evolve?
  22. In what country was Canadian Club whiskey first distilled?
  23. What nation invented the kilt?
  24. What are toy marbles made from?
  25. What is kitchen tin foil made from?
  26. What is the traditional main ingredient of mock-turtle soup?
  27. How long was the 100 Years War?
  28. Who is the nude bow-carrying statue in London's Piccadilly Circus?
  29. What is the lead in a lead pencil made from?
  30. Who first devised the central relativity principle within Einstein's Theory of Relativity?
  31. What is the foodstuff head cheese made from?
  32. In what month is the Munich Oktoberfest beer festival held?
  33. What type of insect is a velvet ant?
  34. Catgut (for old musical instrument strings and tennis rackets, etc) was usually made from the intestines of which animal?
  35. What type of creature is a horned toad?
  36. What is the liquid inside a coconut?
  37. What colour are white grapes?
  38. Where does a busboy or busgirl work?
  39. In what country was the game Chinese Checkers (or Chinese Chequers) invented?
  40. Where were the first modern Olympic Games held?
  41. What was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's (original) middle name?
  42. What creatures are the Canary Islands named after?
  43. In which month is the October Revolution celebrated in Russia?
  44. What sort of fruit is a Chinese gooseberry?
  45. What colour is a (male) purple finch?
  46. What type of insect is a Spanish fly?
  47. Arabic numerals originated in which country?
  48. What are sticks of blackboard chalk made from?
  49. What country invented baseball?
  50. What thumb signal was given by Roman emperors to call for the death of a gladiatorial contestant?


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