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quizballs 135 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. What is the term, of French origin, loosely translated 'into mouth', for using facial muscles and shaping the lips for the mouthpiece to play a woodwind or brass musical instrument?
  2. Which European country found itself without a government from June 2010 into 2011 because of failed coalition talks between its seven political parties?
  3. In science, and heating particularly, what does BTU stand for?
  4. Which book of the Bible features Noah's Ark?
  5. A 'salt eel' is a nautical term for the end of a what?
  6. Which species of animal at an East German zoo had a hip replacement operation in January 2011?
  7. In his 2011 memoir, Known and Unknown, which US ex-politician deflected blame onto others including Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice for Iraq War mistakes?
  8. Which football club broke the British transfer record in January 2011 by paying Liverpool F C £50million for Fernando Torres?
  9. How many vertices (corners) has a regular dodecahedron (a dodecahedon is a 3D form with 12 faces)?
  10. English 17th century 'Hearth Money' was a tax on which part of a house?
  11. The Salmon River in Idaho USA is known by what nickname, (also the name of a 1954 film, whose title soundtrack was recorded by each of its stars, Marilyn Monroe and Robert Mitchum)?
  12. The reproduction method serigraphy, said to be based on the Japanese art of katazome, is better known by what name?
  13. Which prolific 18th century German-British composer created Water Music, Music for the Royal Fireworks and the opera Serse?
  14. An English folk name for the green woodpecker, based on an aspect of its behaviour is a: Baffle; Yaffle; Waffle; or Snaffle?
  15. A major critic of the conventional notion of God, who wrote the 1976 book, extending ideas of natural selection in evolution, The Selfish Gene?
  16. First made in 18th century France, a bergere (correctly bergère, confusingly meaning shepherdess), is what type of furniture?
  17. British photographer Carl Warner's collection of landscapes went on display in London in October 2010. What did he use to create the landscapes?
  18. Brougham, Hackney, Buckboard, and Phaeton are horse-drawn vehicles with how many wheels each: Two; Three; Four; or Six?
  19. A papal cross has how many horizontal sections?
  20. Discovered by Ben Corson and Roger Stoughton in 1928, 2-chlorobenzalmalononitrile is more commonly called what sort of gas?
  21. A pun on a precious metal, a slang word for a fraud or 'rip-off', and a quest by Jason in Greek mythology, what award has been presented to officials in the US whom the judges consider waste public money?
  22. Which World War II leader was captured in April 1945 trying to flee to Switzerland with gold and looted Ethiopian sovereigns which became known as The Treasure of Dongo?
  23. In what country are/were violent demonstrations in 2011 against President Hosni Mubarak and his 30-year leadership?
  24. Who beat Andy Murray in final of the Australian Open tennis championship in January 2011?
  25. Which British film secured the most Oscar nominations, and top commendation at the Directors Guild of American Awards, in January 2011?
  26. What were the first names of retailer F W Woolworth, the second of which was a store brand?
  27. "Hale knew before he had been in Brighton three hours that they meant to murder him..." are the opening words to which Graham Greene novel?
  28. Bayern is the German name for which region of Germany?
  29. 'The House at the Back' was one of three original houses that made up which famous London address?
  30. Skiving, beading and perforating are terms used in which industry?
  31. What number is topaz on the Mohs scale of hardness: 1; 3; 6; or 8?
  32. Whisky, honey, oatmeal cream and egg are the ingredients for which Scottish drink?
  33. Which British high street retailer started selling DNA/paternity tests over the counter in January 2011?
  34. Famille-rose porcelain originated in which country?
  35. A garboard is a range of planks on what?
  36. Actress Maria Schneider who died in 2011 age 58 was famous for her role in what iconic sexually explicit film?
  37. What is the top-level internet domain suffix for the country of Turkey?
  38. Basrelief, cameo, restrike, and anaglyph and technical terms within what art form?
  39. The Middle Eastern dish falafel or felafel usually contains onions, parsley, coriander and what main ingredient?
  40. What is the science of electronics applied to aeronautics and space travel?


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