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quizballs 134 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. Apron, Borrow and Line are terms associated with which sport?
  2. Jutland is part of which European country?
  3. In heraldry, what is a wyvern?
  4. In January 2011 British government sports minister Hugh Roberts asserted what to be the "...worst governed sport in the country.."?
  5. What is the descriptively named painting technique where tiny dots blend to form a picture?
  6. What flowers prompted William Wordsworth write (and title) a poem about after seeing them at Lake Ullswater in 1802?
  7. Planchet was the servant of which of the Three Musketeers, by Alexandre Dumas?
  8. Which fish is known in the British fishing industry as 'Silver Darlings'?
  9. What is the basic monetary unit of Iceland?
  10. What was poet Lord Byron's first name?
  11. Eric Schmidt announced in 2011 stepping down from CEO to Executive Chairman of what corporation, whose vast growth in the 2000s he oversaw?
  12. In November 1935, which British prime minister returned to office after a general election?
  13. Jazz musician Gene Krupa was famous for playing which musical instrument?
  14. 'Dancer' was the American Secret Service code name for the wife of which US president?
  15. On which of the Great Lakes does the city of Milwaukee lie?
  16. What farming disease was reported in 2011 to have virtually disappeared, 25 years after its emergence and scary projection?
  17. In certain species of birds, what is the name of the pouch used for temporarily storing food?
  18. The manufacture of what was prohibited in Russia between 1914-1925?
  19. In 1135 Henry I of England died from food poisoning related to eating 'a surfeit of lampreys' - what are lampreys: Oysters; Jawless eel-like fish; Venison brains; or Sheep's eyes?
  20. Buried in Highgate in London and subsequently immortalised in economic and social theory, who wrote The Communist Manifesto in 1848?
  21. Name the fantasy North Wales village used in film and TV (notably the 1960s 'The Prisoner' series), at one time directly related to a porcelain company of the same name which now owns the Spode and Royal Worcester brands?
  22. In Australia, what type of animal is known as a brumby?
  23. In which year was the first British vehicle registration issued: 1895; 1903; 1910; or 1914?
  24. Which UK football team is nicknamed 'The Posh'?
  25. Jamaica Inn, made famous by writer Daphne du Maurier, lies on which moor?
  26. The 'Hogarth' or 'S Shape' is an arrangement of what?
  27. Wendy Deng are the first names of what famous media mogul's wife?
  28. What is the longest side of a right-angled triangle called?
  29. Mycology is the branch of biology concerned with the study of what?
  30. Which politician's resignation from the shadow cabinet in January 2011 arguably left the UK Labour Party bereft of any 'grass roots working class' figures in its leadership for the first time in its history?
  31. Bokken (or bokuto), katana, wakizashi, and shinai are types of what, used in Japanese martial arts?
  32. Who was British ex-prime minister Tony Blair's press secretary and influential strategist?
  33. In 1869, Frenchman Eugene Meyer invented a wheel for which mode of transport, and became regarded as a father of the 'high' version of the machine?
  34. What Swiss Alpine town hosts the annual World Economic Forum gathering of international leaders, financiers and business chiefs?
  35. Claret wine comes from which wine region of France?
  36. Spunky Puddle is a what: Town in Ohio, USA; Children's TV show in Australia; South African soup; or Backgammon move?
  37. What does a barometer measure?
  38. The Qur'an (or Quran, Kuran, Koran, Coran or al-Qur'an - literally 'the recitation') is the religious text of which religion?
  39. Name the only G8 nation whose law, subject to challenge in 2011, requires a married couple to adopt only one surname?
  40. What is the smallest country on mainland Africa?


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