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quizballs 131 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. What term, traditionally relating to trains and slippery rails, and a children's play area, refers in computing to a secure area or function where code can be tested in safe isolation?
  2. Who was the first English professional cricketer to be knighted?
  3. What degrees temperature is the same in Centigrade/Celsius as it is in Fahrenheit?
  4. In what form does keratin, the substance human fingernails and hair are made from, sell for more than gold, and endanger a species?
  5. What conventionally are the Roman numerals for the year 2011?
  6. The nuclear disaster site at Chernobyl, to which tourist visits begin/began in 2011, is in which country?
  7. What symbol commonly used in print, and titles especially, derives from a combination of the letters E and T?
  8. What is a filbert nut more commonly called, from the name of the tree bearing it?
  9. What French term is used in English when referring to a thought or experience that a person believes he/she has already seen before?
  10. On a western-style Qwerty keyboard, what number shares the key with the % symbol?
  11. What important river in south-west France and north-west Spain gives access to Bordeaux, and links the Mediterranean Sea to the Bay of Biscay?
  12. Name the Scottish singer-songwriter (notably of Baker Street and as co-writer of Stuck in the Middle with You) who died early in 2011 age 63?
  13. Which US president had the nickname 'King of Camelot'?
  14. What is generally suggested to be the fourth spatial dimension in addition to the first three (of length, area and volume)?
  15. What German word refers to a 'double' of a living person, often an evil version?
  16. Match these music/fashion styles (UK, and probably elsewhere) to their main decades of popularity, 1950s through to 2000s: New Romantics, Goths, Punks, Emo, Teddy Boys, Mods?
  17. UK HM Revenue and Customs reported that how many people had filled in their tax return online on Christmas Day 2010: 8; 85; 845; or 8,450?
  18. Aphasia is the medical term for the inability to use or understand what, resulting from damage to the brain: Pictures; Language; Numbers; or Time?
  19. What supposedly militarily-derived term refers informally to not wearing underwear?
  20. What is iron pyrites (iron disulfide, FeS2) commonly called, because it resembles a precious metal?
  21. Related to the early development and measurement of steam engines what traditional unit of energy equates typically to between 735-746 watts?
  22. Which famous composer is on the back of the UK £20 banknote withdrawn in 2010?
  23. What is the correct spelling of (the US state/river) Mississippi; Missisippi; Misissippi; or Mississipi?
  24. Pony, seven and schooner are Australian terms for what?
  25. The Cass report published by London's Metropolitan Police after 31 years of public campaigning confirmed that police had killed what anti-racist protestor at Southall in 1979?
  26. In the conventional game of pool ('eight-ball', or 'spots and stripes') what colour are the 3 and 11 balls?
  27. Referring to a 1950s song what is the traditional bingo call for the number 76?
  28. How many zeros are represented by the metric multiple prefix 'tera'?
  29. On a chessboard what square (using modern letter and number reference) would the white king pawn occupy if its first move was two squares forward?
  30. Abraham Maslow's fundamentally meaningful theory of motivation, popularly shown as a pyramid of motivational factors in a person's life, is known widely as Maslow's what?


quizballs 131 - free quiz answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


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