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quizballs 130 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. What section of a Qwerty keyboard can type most English words, left or right?
  2. In what popular book (and its many movies and adaptations) about an activity holiday does a dog Montmorency feature with three male characters?
  3. What item significantly in the hands of South African-born Matt Prior became suddenly desirable in December 2010, vastly beyond its basic value?
  4. What was the highest grossing movie of 2010?
  5. What fruity expression refers traditionally to a small nation state which is politically unstable due to dependence on a single commodity controlled by external finances?
  6. How many minutes are there in a degree of an angle?
  7. Also a comic book character, what is an orderly assigned to serve a British Military Officer?
  8. In Sir Edwin Henry Landseer's 1839 painting Dignity and Impudence, what breeds are the two dogs featured?
  9. The 400 year-old Siberian Russian city of Tomsk lies somewhat obviously on which river?
  10. Who in May 1935 for Boston Braves played his last career baseball game?
  11. What at the end of 2010 was Amazon's biggest ever selling product?
  12. In the Contract Bridge card game what are used to denote the four players' positions: Numbers; Letters; Compass points; or The Four Seasons?
  13. What notable member of the British royal family was born in 1948?
  14. So called after two descriptive Greek root words, what is the order of creatures called Diptera?
  15. Who was the first British-born chef, and at the time the youngest ever, to win three Michelin Stars?
  16. An anagram of Swap Shop, what was the purple dinosaur in the UK children's TV show of that name?
  17. Which Australian city is nicknamed The Big Smoke?
  18. An important Biafran army base in the 1967-70 conflict then known as the Biafran War, in which African country is Lake Oguta?
  19. Who composed the opera Cosi Fan Tutte?
  20. Suomi is the local name for which European country?
  21. Bell, Wax, Jalapeño, Habanero and Poblano are types of which fruit, (which some think is a vegetable)?
  22. The term Paraskavedekatriaphobia informally refers to an irrational fear of what time-related concern?
  23. The Attan, a Pashtun ethnic dance, is the national dance of which country?
  24. The Vitra Design Museum is in which European country?
  25. Diplopia is the medical term for which condition of the human body?
  26. Battement tendu, Grand écart, Entrechat, Hortensia, and Sissonne are terms in what art form?
  27. Who captained England's last Ashes winning cricket team in Australia prior to their 2010 victory?
  28. By which other name (alias) was the American outlaw Robert LeRoy Parker better known?
  29. On the Mohs' Scale of mineral hardness, what is number one and softest, with the formula Mg3Si4O10(OH)2 and found in many bathrooms?
  30. What British coin, whose nickname strangely alludes to the leather industry, ceased to be legal tender in June 1980?


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