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quizballs 129 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. How many cubic centimetres are in a cubic metre?
  2. Who was appointed official wedding photographer to Prince William and Kate Middleton?
  3. A 2010 study published in the Lancet suggested what medicine, recently found to reduce cancer development, aside from giving protection against strokes and heart attacks, is "...the most amazing drug in the world..."?
  4. What popular cereal brand has for decades featured a kilted athlete on its box?
  5. Which European country is known as 'The Cockpit of Europe'?
  6. Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Crick and Watson (DNA discoverers), the economist John Maynard Keynes, and the comedian John Cleese are among the notable alumni of which university?
  7. What type of food is Sapsago, also called Sap Sago and Schabziger?
  8. What drink brand was subject to a UK tax judgement in 2010 rejecting a claim from the makers that it is should be VAT exempt (on the basis that it is a natural food or drink rather than a 'vatable beverage')?
  9. What degree angle are the corners of a regular tetrahedron?
  10. Who directed the 1994 film 'Shallow Grave'?
  11. Name the Google phone and software system which, according to some news reports in 2010, ended Nokia's 10 years' of market dominance?
  12. What is the full name of the football organization usually abbreviated to UEFA?
  13. The move called 'en passant' features in what board game?
  14. Named after its inventor, what is the signal lamp used to transmit Morse Code, devised in the late 1800s and still used today on naval ships?
  15. Who - UK cabinet minister for culture - had his name unspeakably 'spoonerised' live on air by BBC Radio 4 journalist James Naughtie (pronounced 'Nockty') in December 2010?
  16. The largest sex discrimination lawsuit in US history, which began in 2001 and by 2010 involved 1.5m female workers was filed against which employer?
  17. Naxos, Santorini, and Mykanos are among what group of Greek islands?
  18. Which Scottish castle did Queen Victoria and husband Prince Albert buy in 1852?
  19. The five rivers of hate, oblivion, fire, woe, and lament feature in what mythical place?
  20. South-West is how many degrees on a compass?
  21. In the Blandings Castle stories by P G Wodehouse, what kind of animal is The Empress of Blandings?
  22. 'Cucumber Time' is the quiet season in which trade?
  23. Which bird, which lays the largest egg in proportion to its body size of all birds, is an apteryx?
  24. Who is the twin sister of Sebastian in William Shakespeare's 'Twelfth Night'?
  25. In which South American country is the region and its regional capital city called Arequipa, the nation's second largest city (as at 2010)?
  26. What, alluding to a piece of broken glass, became London's tallest building when under construction during 2010?
  27. What was secret police of East Germany?
  28. The Shatt-al-Arab River is formed by the confluence of which two rivers, at Al-Qurnah, Iraq near Basra?
  29. Discontinued in 2000, the UK tax relief scheme for housebuying mortgage interest was known by what abbreviation?
  30. 9.9498744 (to the nearest seven decimal places) is the square root of which whole number?


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