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quizballs 128 - big free 2010 year quiz - general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. Name the pin-up celebrity who appeared on a provocative poster for PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) in 2010, with her body marked as if for cuts of meat?
  2. What material invented by Marc Chavannes and Al Fielding originally as a textured wallpaper celebrated 50 years of quite different and popular use in 2010?
  3. Name the long-standing Rwanda president in the news during 2010 after human rights criticisms?
  4. What state in Mexico was hit by a devastating mudslide in September 2010?
  5. In 2010, scenes of tobacco smoking attracted a fine for the broadcasters of what 1950-60s boy-hero cartoon series in Turkey?
  6. Name the lead singer with Harold Melvin and the Bluenotes, and later a successful solo artist, who died in 2010?
  7. With which country did France agree a 50 year treaty in November 2010 entailing joint forces, and sharing an aircraft carrier and nuclear technology?
  8. Barack Obama's 2010 meeting with what leader sparked protests from China, and the description (of the leader) as 'a wolf in monk's clothing'?
  9. What island nation was hit by an earthquake and tsunami disaster in October 2010?
  10. A UK Metropolitan Firearms Policeman was removed from duty after bizarrely inserting what into his court evidence at an inquest into a fatal shooting?
  11. What was Tony McCoy's winning mount in the 2010 Grand National?
  12. According to the UK Office of National Statistics, Jack, the most popular baby boy's name for 14 years, was replaced by what name?
  13. Historical audio-taped interviews with what famous wife were released by her daughter for transcription in 2010, having been sealed since 1964?
  14. Who won golf's 2010 Masters Championship?
  15. What iconic London institution was sold to the Qatar Investment Authority (Qatar's sovereign wealth fund) in May 2010?
  16. In what Eastern European country did violence arise against Uzbeks during 2010?
  17. According to official figures released in 2010, what country originated the most refugees during the previous 30 years?
  18. After losing his seat in the 2010 general election, Nick Palmer became the first former MP to do what: Claim unemployment benefits; Climb Mount Everest; Join the police; or undergo a sex change?
  19. An American ban lasting 21 years was lifted in 2010 for what Scottish food?
  20. Name the controversial leader of the Dutch right-wing Freedom Party which won 24 seats in the Dutch elections, who was refused entry into the UK for his 'racist views'?
  21. Name Microsoft's hands-free gaming system launched in June 2010, a made-up word alluding to joining?
  22. Sacked whistleblower Cheryl Eckard was awarded $96m compensation against what pharmaceuticals corporation following malpractice at the Cidra plant in Puerto Rico?
  23. What capital city was devastated by the 2010 Haiti earthquake?
  24. The US Navy announced in 2010 moderately successful testing of boat fuel containing what 'renewable' ingredient: Seaweed; Farm manure; Human waste; or Plastic carrier bags?
  25. Amid fears of a new hotbed for terrorism developing in early 2010, president Ali Abdullah Salih of what country came under increasing western pressure to begin social reforms?
  26. Freedom of expression blogger Hossein Derakhshan was sentenced in September 2010 to nineteen years prison for 'anti-state activities' in which country?
  27. A plane crash close to Smolensk airport in western Russia killed almost half the leadership of which country?
  28. Who bought Channel 5 TV in the UK, resisting objections that his pornography interests made him unsuitable?
  29. What grand and iconic event was British National Party leader Nick Griffin banned from attending, two hours before, apparently because he "publicized his invitation"?
  30. What controversial relic went on display in 2010 in the Italian city whose name it bears?
  31. Who won the 2010 World Snooker Championship?
  32. Charles Taylor, in court (along with witnesses Naomi Campbell and Mia Farrow) at the Hague in 2010, the first African president to face trial for war crimes, led which nation?
  33. Name the head of the 'whistleblowing' website Wikileaks, in the news during 2010 after publishing thousands of sensitive government and military documents?
  34. In what European city was snooker player John Higgins stung by the News of the World newspaper relating to an alleged betting fix?
  35. Name the Sri Lanka cricketing spin bowler who retired after taking 800 test wickets?
  36. Name the UK banknote printer subject to quality failings, financial pressures and foreign takeover discussion?
  37. What is this sequence: 643667767068?
  38. What secret service organization was accused of forging British passports for its agents allegedly responsible for an assassination in Dubai?
  39. What iconic London building did EMI suggest it would sell, prompting calls for the National Trust to buy and preserve it?
  40. What online grocery company was floated on the UK stock exchange in July 2010?
  41. Food writer and critic Egon Ronay, who died in 2010, was born in what country, which offers a food related pun?
  42. Name the gymnastic group which won the 2010 Britain's Got Talent TV show?
  43. Which famous football figure managed the Ivory Coast national team at the FIFA 2010 World Cup Finals?
  44. Singer Jimmy Dean, who died in 2010 age 81, sang (in a very deep voice) what hit song about about a heroic 6'6" coal miner?
  45. AOL, which sold the website Bebo in 2010 for (it is generally believed) less than $10m, paid what for it in 2008: $2m; $20m; $250m; or $850m?
  46. Who in 2010 won Great Britain's first individual Winter Olympics female gold medal since 1952?
  47. Which country's coalition government, led by Jan-Peter Balkenende, collapsed in 2010 when disagreeing about extending military action in Afghanistan?
  48. Giant George, at 7'3" from nose to tail, and 43" shoulder high, was announced the world's tallest what in 2010 by Guinness World Records?
  49. The 1600cc Thunderbird, voted 2010 Bike of the Year in the USA, is made by which iconic motorbike manufacturer?
  50. The Duchess of York asked for what fee to introduce a fake businessman to Prince Andrew in a 2010 newspaper sting, (aside from an initial £40,000 golden handshake cash payment)?
  51. Name the popular writer, who died in 2010, and who rode the Queen Mother's horse Devon Loch when it inexplicably belly-flopped out of contention in the 1956 Grand National?
  52. Which environmental campaigner, whose band's 2010 European tour required 120 lorries to transport it, pulled out of the 2010 Glastonbury headline spot due to a back injury?
  53. Whose painting 'Nude, Green Leaves and Bust' (French title: Nu au Plateau de Sculpteur) sold for a world record (for art work at auction) $106.5m at Christies, New York, in May 2010?
  54. American Shaun White performed his unique Double McTwist 1260 move in winning Olympic gold for the second time in what event?
  55. Peter O'Donnell, who died in 2010, created what globally syndicated newspaper comic strip heroine, later featuring in books and movies, whose name equates to 'understated fire'?
  56. Which far-eastern city saw fatal riots in May 2010 involving red-shirted protestors opposed to the national government?
  57. What Danish discount grocer did Walmart's Asda buy for £778m in 2010?
  58. British Airways announced a merger with which other airline in 2010?
  59. Name the US general and commander of Nato forces in Afghanistan sacked by Barack Obama in 2010?
  60. Over-zealous council officials in Bristol UK, patrolling local countryside, instructed a picnicking family against the use of what, because it was in breach of local byelaws: Windbreak; Tomato ketchup; Breadknife; Radio-controlled toy plane?
  61. Commenting on a major UK historical project of 2010, to what did experts refer as 'gangland bling': Alan Sugar's Bentley; The Staffordfshire Anglo-Saxon gold hoard; Henry VIII's bejewelled codpiece; or Prince Phillip's diamond encrusted riding crop?
  62. Which England football player was sent off on his 2010/11 season debut for Liverpool?
  63. A war crimes tribunal in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, coinvicted chief jailer Kaing Guek Eav (also called Kang Kek Iew or Kaing Kek Iev) of what regime, responsible for the 1.7m deaths in the 1970s 'Killing Fields' genocide?
  64. UN Food and Agriculture policy was publicized during 2010 advocating the replacement of meat in global food supply with what: Earth and clay; Oil and plastics; Wood and leaves; or Insects and worms?
  65. Name the journalist and writer and leader of the influential Work Foundation research organization, bought by Lancaster University in 2010?
  66. Born Hermine Santruschitz in Vienna, adopted as Miep Gies in Amsterdam, who died age 100 in 2010, helped protect which famous writer?
  67. An adaptation of which classic 1905 story by E Nesbit received rave reviews when it was performed with dramatic real effects at London's Waterloo Station in Summer 2010?
  68. What nation announced in 2010 that its female population had enjoyed the longest life expectancy in the world since 1985?
  69. Ex-world champion boxer Alan Rudkin, who died in September 2010, fought at what weight?
  70. Which notable doctor and ex-politician dueted on piano with Aretha Franklin at a Philadelphia fund-raising concert?
  71. The phrase: "Estamos en el refugio los 33" - copyrighted in 2010 - signified the start of which event?
  72. In 2010 India announced the reintroduction of which animal, sixty years after being hunted to extinction in the wild?
  73. Which nation overtook the USA in 2010 to become the world's biggest consumer of power (from oil, coal, etc)?
  74. Name the sixteen year old Australian who completed her (claimed youngest ever) round-the-world sailing in May 2010?
  75. The new £340m Aviva Stadium in Ireland opened in 2010 on the site of which previous famous sports ground?
  76. Whose 2010 memoir was called Decision Points?
  77. Name Google's service launched in 2009 from which support was withdrawn in 2010, which offered 'next-generation email', messaging and twitter-style micro-blogging?
  78. Name the Surrey (UK) town which attempted to rebrand itself with the suffix '-on-Thames' due to reference by comedian Sasha Baron Cohen's wannabe gangster character?
  79. Patricia Neal, winner of best actress Oscar for her role in the film Hud with Paul Newman, and who died in 2010 age 84, was married to which famous author?
  80. The captive animal Tilikum which killed a person for the third time in 2010 at Orlando USA was what species?
  81. What city, Chile's second largest, suffered an 8.8 earthquake in 2010?
  82. Welsh rugby union flanker Andy Powell was banned from driving after celebrating his team's Six nations win over Scotland by driving what vehicle on the M4 motorway while drunk?
  83. Andy Serkis starred in the film Sex and Drugs and Rock'n'Roll as what singer?
  84. Name the UK Tory Party donor and deputy chairman pressurised about his 'non-dom' tax status during 2010?
  85. Sir Robert Mark, who died in 2010 age 93, held what notable UK post from 1967-77?
  86. Internet hackers calling themselves the Iranian Cyber Army interrupted service of which Chinese search engine in January 2010?
  87. What national soccer team was attacked in their bus by gunmen, on the way to the Africa Cup of Nations in Angola?
  88. What troubled European car company did Bernie Ecclestone bid to relaunch as a Formula One brand during 2010?
  89. What is Burj Khalifa notable for becoming in 2010?
  90. What Big European bank's name replaced those of Abbey, and Bradford & Bingley, in an extensive 2010 rebranding of its acquired branches?
  91. An inquiry in which European country became the first to judge that the Iraq war had no lawful justification within international law?
  92. Name the South African golfer who won the 2010 British Open Golf Championship, at St Andrews?
  93. A para-sailing publicity stunt off a beach at Golubitskaya on the Sea of Azoz in Russia attracted a police investigation because the passenger was a what?
  94. Colton Harris Moore, the 6'5" American teenager who made the news because he stole a boat and a plane, acquired what nickname because of his lack of footwear?
  95. Name the Yorkshireman who refereed the 2010 FIFA World Cup Final?
  96. 31 May 2010 was promoted as 'Quit...what...Day' by privacy campaigners objecting to personal data being available to advertisers?
  97. What parliamentary seat was not contested on 6 May in the UK general election due to the pre-election death of a candidate?
  98. What is the acronym for the UK national crisis management emergency committee which operated during the bad weather of 2010?
  99. Hospitalised in Saudi Arabia towards the end of his life, Umaru Musa Yar'Adua was president of where, from 2007 until his death in 2010?
  100. English and French scientists argued publicly in 2010 over the existence of what, originally identified and named after German gynaecologist Ernst Grafenberg?


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