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quizballs 125 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


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  1. What is the process in which hair and small blemishes are removed from the body by the application of heat using electric current?
  2. What is the Japanese martial art, similar to judo, which uses grappling, throws, and non-resistance, to debilitate opponents?
  3. What is the edible sea snail of the genus Haliotis, which has an ear-shaped shell with a pearly interior?
  4. The fundamental philosophical and devotional epic stories Mahabharata and Ramayana originated in Sanskrit in which ancient country?
  5. What was the tribe of ancient Britons of Eastern England whose queen was Boudica (or Boadicea)?
  6. What is the capital of Ghana?
  7. What is the African antelope whose male of the species have lyre-shaped horns?
  8. What is the Roman numeral LXXXVIII?
  9. What is the Southern India savoury steamed cake made of rice and served with chutney?
  10. The River Amazon flows into which ocean?
  11. What is the code of silence which prohibits speaking about, or divulging information about, criminal activities, used by the Mafia?
  12. What is a bottomless pit or chasm, a very deep gorge, or a reference to something unfathomable and usually threatening or chaotic, such as hell?
  13. What is a three-dimensional figure with eight plane faces?
  14. What is the flat round cake made from flaky pastry and filled with currants, named after a town in Greater Manchester, England?
  15. What was the title given to the daughters of the Kings of Spain and Portugal who were not the heir to the throne?
  16. What is the inner and larger of the two bones in the human forearm?
  17. What food has the varieties Elstar, Almata and Cortland?
  18. What is the scarlet banner of Saint Dennis used by early French kings when setting out for war?
  19. What is a dish sprinkled with breadcrumbs or grated cheese and browned?
  20. Before the Euro, what was the basic monetary unit of Portugal?
  21. What is the play by Shakespeare featuring the court jester Touchstone?
  22. What is a death notice, sometimes with a biography, in a newspaper?
  23. What is a system of muscle-building without moving joints?
  24. What is the fifteenth letter of the Greek alphabet?
  25. What means relating to or similar to bears?
  26. What is the final and longest section of the human small intestine?
  27. What is the lair of a fox?
  28. What is the fine-grained, usually white, variety of gypsum used for carving?
  29. What is a word made from the initials of other words in a phrase or sequence?
  30. The Royal Navy flagship aircraft carrier, which along with its Harrier jump jets was withdrawn from service late 2010, is HMS what?


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